Вакуумный планетарный центробежный смеситель для деаэрации, перемешивание, смешивание фосфора для светодиодной промышленности

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Описание и отзывы


Stirring effect

Application field.
Experimental materials, silver glue, adhesive, solder paste
Next-generation energy technologies such as fuel cells, solar cells, and batteries
Automotive electronics technology, FPD (LCD, LED, OLED)
Communication technology, printed electronics technology, nano-printing applications
Aerospace Industry, Semiconductor Industry, Sensing Technology, Robotics
Chemical products, dental engineering, bioengineering, bioengineering-related technologies
Drug development, pharmaceuticals, reagents
Food, inspection, analytical technology, etc.

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Working Principle

RevolutionClockwise orbital rotation(complete defoaming
Rotation:Anticlockwise rotation. Rotate on the orbit around the center of the container.(complete stirring
The interaction of rotation and revolution produces eddy currents and up and down convection.
Push out air bubbles from the material, without mixing air bubbles during stirring and dispersing.

Our Company & Team

Shenzhen Smida Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.founded in 2010, it is a national high-tech enterprise integrating automation solution consulting, research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. We have a number of invention patents and utility model patents, and have won the title of high-tech enterprise issued by the state and the Shenzhen Municipal Government. We provide automation equipment with independent intellectual property rights for many Fortune 500 companies, listed companies and industry leaders.


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Features of the rotary revolution mixer.
It can evenly stir a variety of materials in a short time, including high-viscosity materials, liquids, and even nano-scale powder materials. It can also stir materials with large mixing ratio or specific gravity difference. Simultaneous stirring and defoaming at super-powerful, high-speed. Products with vacuum decompression also remove sub-micron air bubbles from materials.When stirring and dispersing the material, it does not destroy the material, its shape (fibrous material, powder material, etc.) and function. With a storage function, you can store operating conditions and set stirring parameters for different materials. Very small amounts of material can be stirred and deaerated. There are no stirring blades and no need to clean such utensils. The appearance structure is simple and easy to maintain.

Packing & Delivery

1 Standard exported package: Internal anti-collision protection, external export wooden box packaging.
2 Shipping by express, by air, by sea according to customers' requirements to find the most suitable way.
3 Responsible for the damage during the shipping process, will change the damage part for you for free.

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