Sinrey SIP2403T sip, пейджинговая хост-плата с 2*15W amp для вещания по внутренней связи

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Product recommendation

Without GPIO and UART
Without power amplifier
With pin without power amplifier

Product Description


SIP2403T network audio module is a general independent SIP audio function module, which can be easily embedded into OEM products. The module encodes and decodes SIP protocol and RTP audio stream from the network.
The module supports a variety of network protocols and audio codec protocols, and can be used for VoIP and IP paging, high-quality
music streaming media playback and other applications。

SIP2403T also provides two serial ports and eight digital I / O, allowing the user to program control


Standard RJ45 network interface, provide firmware online remote upgrade;

Based on ARM + DSP architecture, high-speed industrial chip is adopted, and the start-up time is less than 1 second;

Multiple IO interfaces are provided to enrich the module functions;

It has the function of controlling the serial port and can control the work of the module;

It has the function of universal serial port and can realize the function of transparent data transmission;

It has audio line output port, which can be connected with active speaker for amplifying;

With audio line input port, it can be connected with active microphone for intercom.

15W fixed resistance amplifier, 8 ohm audio output


Power input
DC 12 ~ 24 V
Maximum working current, 2000mA
Industrial grade: - 40 ~ 65 ℃
Storage temperature range - 40 ~ 85 ℃
Network interface
10 / 100M base adaptive, Ethernet interface  IPv4 capable  SIP,TCP/IP, UDP, RTP,DHCP,HTTP
Mic / linein input
Typical amplitude 1000mvrms, SNR 95dB  ,Frequency response: 20 Hz … 20 kHz (-3 dB)
Dynamic range: 90 dB, SNR -90 dB, THD <0.05%
Line out output
Load 10K Ω, typical 1000vrms,SNR 95dB (in playback mode)
IRL line input
local amplifying input,typical amplitude 1000mvrms,SNR 95dB
Power amplifier output
Output power 2 * 15W or 1 * 40W
Bidirectional mode
(Intercom mode)
AEC(Linear and non-linear )8kHz sampling, ADPCM coding.
The minimum delay is 80 ms
Decoding mode
(playback mode)
Wav (PCM + ima ADPCM) Mp3  G.711 a/u, G.722 and other formats.(Provide stereo playback, maximum 48Khz, 320kbps audio stream,The minimum delay is 50ms)
Encoding mode
(recording mode)
G.711a/u, G.722
The minimum delay is 30ms
Control serial interface
Baud rate 115.2kbps
4 channels of general purpose IO, including 2 inputs and 2 outputs
Universal serial port
Support transparent transmission, baud rate 2400-115.2kbps, 7,8 data bits, 1,2 stop bits, none, even, odd, space, mark check
Module size
Length × width × height: 57 × 57 × 17mm


SIP2403T uses an ARM processor architecture with a speed of up to 400MHz plus a professional two-way audio Codec codec. The ARM processor is responsible for data transmission, user command analysis and execution, and control of the power amplifier interface. Professional audio Codec is responsible for audio input and Output. Its internal structure is as follows:

Its appearance structure is as follows:


Outdoor loudspeaker
Desktop walkie talkie
intercom terminal

The network audio equipment can receive the audio stream from the network, and convert it into an analog audio signal for output after being decoded. The figure below is a standard playback application scenario.

The SIP2401T/SIP2403T network audio module is used as a playback terminal, and only needs to increase the power supply and external power amplifier. It can be used as a device alone, or integrated in other audio equipment (power amplifier, or active speakers, etc.) to make it a network audio playback terminal.

SIP2403T can be used in a two-way SIP intercom system

The broadcast intercom host can use our company's broadcast system control software, broadcast equipment, network microphones, etc., or use the SIP server prepared by the user.
This VoIP Telephone Circuit is ideal for access system, railway applications, tunnels, highways, campus, parking lot, power stations, oil&gas station, marine applications, underground mining, retail banking, clean rooms, firefighter, taxi, industrial, prisons, parking-lots, power stations, chemical plants, etc.

The company is a national high-tech enterprise with high-tech products.
We have set up R & D center, chip factory and comprehensive manufacturing base in Guangzhou. The factory covers an area of 8500 square meters. The company is committed to building international top brands.
We have a professional and strong R & D team to provide further customization in terms of firmware, software and solution requirements.

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