XH M544 TPA3116D2 150 Вт моно канальный аудио усилитель мощности AMP доска DC 12 26V Цифровой стерео

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Product Description

TPA3116D2 150W Mono Channel Audio Power Amplifier AMP Board DC 12-26V Digital Stereo Amp Module for Car Vehicle Computer Speaker DIY Sound System Speaker Home Theater

  • DC 12-26V DC 12V=50W; DC 20V=100W; DC 26V=150W one channel amplifier board; Great for DIY sound system; high power broadcast; home theater; music playing on the street/ square/ shopping mall sound amplify

  • TPA3116D2 chip, with >90% power efficiency and low idle loss characteristic; with comprehensive of short-circuit; over- temperature; over/less voltage; direct current

  • Big heatsink chip mounted on the surface of the amplify module; The heatsink is with array construction which is more easy for heat dissipation

  • Please check the wiring diagram carefully before you use this amplifier board and do not use the speakers with too low power unceremoniously

  • Surface mounted inductances can filter noise; screening signal; stabilize current; suppressing electromagnetic interference; also with aluminum electrolytic capacitor and metallized polyester film capacitors

Product description

Product Parameter:
Power supply: DC 12-26V
Output power: DC 12V=50W; DC 20V=100W; DC 26V=150W
SNR: 100db
Channel amount: one channel stereo
Efficiency: up to 90%
Size: 77mm*73mm*16mm (length * width * height)

-Has strong TPA3116 chip
-With surface mounted inductances
-With surface mounted capacitances
-European style wiring terminals
-Big heatsink chip, convection type heat dissipation

Precautions (the following problem may happen to you):
1. With electromagnetic interference in working environment
2. There is a self-problem of the audio input device
3. Electromagnetic interference on the power supply

Suggested treatment:
Keep the amplifier a certain distance away from the power supply to avoid electromagnetic interference;
Each amplifier chip has a unique sound field itself, if sound card driver or player software's sound effect have been set, some special effects software's simulation effect may cause amplifier distortion. It is recommended to close the sound setting of the software or driver before connecting your mobile phone or laptop computer;
What is more, it is better to clean the volume potentionmeter after a long time usage.

Package include:
1 x Amplifier Board

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