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Basic package covering
Compliance review, Funds collecting & paying, customs declaration, declaraion documents making, tax rebate procedure, Book keeping
Commission rate
0.5%-3% payment amount depending on the complexity of the operation, USD150/case in minimum
Value-added services
Pricing according to actual costs/ out-of-pocket expenses

My factory said he will do the export job, WHY should I hire an agent?
- Your may need an External Representative to do the pre-shipment job, including inspection, delivery control etc;
- In some situation your supplier may not sufficiently qualified on exportation or have some difficulties in bank procedures, financing ect;
- You may have several suppliers in one shipment, you need a third party to coordinate delivery on site;
- Your are worried about your supplier being found by your competitors;
- 13% tax rebate funds will be released once cargo delivered, save at least 1 month for the whole supply chain;
- Other reasons to be discovered...

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