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High accuracy  pid temperature controller pid  temperature instruments price__-02_-03


led display controller pid supplier

Applicable for accurate controls of Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Level and Humidity etc.

 led display controller pid supplier


led display controller pid supplier

1.Main features

Yudian AI-526 controller PID, high accuracy, high quality  controllers offer unparalleled flexibility in process control. Each controller pid allows the user to select the input type, from 10 thermocouple types (J, K, T, E, R, S, B, C, N and J DIN), Pt RTD's (100, 500 or 1000 ohm, with either 385 or 392 curve), or analog voltage or current input. The voltage/current inputs are fully scalable to engineering units, with selectable decimal point, perfect for use with pressure, flow or other process input.

2. Control Mode

     On-off control mode 
     PID Control with Auto Tuning function(AT)




Front Panel

Cut Out

Depth BehindLight Bar
A(A2)96×96 mm92×92 mm100MMA2 added  25 segments 
and 4 levels
B160×80 mm152×76 mm100MM


C(C3)80×160 mm
76×152 mm

C3 added  25 segments 
and 4 levels

D72×72 mm68×68 mm95MM 
D248×48 mm45×45 mm95MM 
E(E2)48×96 mm45×92 mm100MM E2 added 25 segments 

and 4 levels

F96×48 mm92×45 mm100MM


E548×96 mm45×92 mm100MM 


3.Input Signals

pid  temperature instruments price


4.Other Technical Specification

Measurement accuracy

0.25%FS ± 1


PT100, K: 0.01°C;  others: 0.1 °C Linear signals:0.01

Response time

≤0.3s ( when digital filter parameter dL=0)



Relay output (NO+NC): 250VAC/2A or 30VDC/1A

TRIAC phase shift Output

TRIAC zero Crossing trigger output

SSR Voltage output: 12VDC/30mA (used to drive SSR)

Linear current output: 0~20mA, 4~20mA

General specifications

Voltage: support AC85-265V, 50/60Hz or DC24V.

Power consumption: ≤3W

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) : ±4KV/5KHz according to IEC61000-4-4;

4KV according to IEC61000-4-5.

Operating Ambient : temperature -10~60°C; humidity ≤90%RH

Optional function

1~4 alarms, RS485 communication


Ordering Code

pid  temperature instruments price

Digital pid temperature controller displys

pid  temperature instruments price

pid  temperature instruments price

pid  temperature instruments price

pid  temperature instruments price



1) Factory with 25 years experience.

2) Quick delivery ( within 3~5 working days).

3) Retail/Wholesale/OEM/ODM available .

    We expect to cooperate with machinery manufacturers,

    better price for bulk order.

4)We provide after sales service and technical assistance as per the

   customers requirement and needs.



1) A piece of digital pid temperature controller ;

2) A paper of user manual;

3) One-year/ 3-year warranty card and Quality Approval card;

4) A lable of units;

5) A pair of  installaton brackets;

6) Nice package carton box with Yudian logo.


1. How long will you give me the reply?

we will contact you as soon as possible
2. Could I get samples of controller pid ?

Yes,we have products in stock ,so you can get the samples quickly.
3. How about the quality of controller pid?

We have the certification of ISO,CE and ROSH,we could send the certification test of our company to you.
4. Could I visit your factory?
Of course,if you need we will help you to visit our factory.
5. If I have paid,when will you help me to produce?
We will start producing immediately after receiving the payment.

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