Лидер продаж лист из нержавеющей стали 2B Ba 8K с зеркальной отделкой 201 304 316 316L 410 430 круглая

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Surface Finish
Finished by heat treatment , picking or equipvalent cold rolling , followed by skin pass to obtain adequate luster surface.
With bright and smooth surface ,easy for further grinding to obtain brighter surface ,suitable for medical instruments ,milk
containers ,tableware and so on.
Bright heat treatment after cold rolling.
Structual members .etc.kitchen utensil ,cutlery ,eleltric applicances ,medical instruments ,building decorations ,etc.
Polished with No.150-240 abrasives.
Milky food processing equipment , medicalinstruments ,building decorations.
Finshed by polishing with abrasives of suitable grain size to obtain continuous streaks.
Building decorations ,such as elevators ,escalators ,door etc.
A mirror-like reflective surface ,which is obtained by polishing with successively finer abrasives and buffing extensively with
all gritlines are removed.
Buliding entrances,bulkding column casting ,elevator's wall doors ,counters,sculptures etc.
Product Name
Stainless Steel Cirlce, Stainless Steel Disc, Inox Round Sheet
Material Type
Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel, Austenitic stainless steel,
Cold Rolled Stainless Steel
SS Grade
201 ( J1, J2, J3, J4 ) 304 , 316 , 316L , 410 , 430 , etc
0.25mm to 3.0mm (please check with us for other thickness)
60mm - 990mm or customized
2B , BA, HL, No.4 , 6k , 8k , Mirror
Available Process
BA polishing surface (other customized finsh if needed)
Leveling: improve flatness, esp. for items with high flatness request.
PVC protecting film
Cooking Utensils , Lamps , Cylinders , Steel Sans , Tank Head
The sizes of stainless steel circle can be customized, if you need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.
All standard products are supplied in 2B finish without other further processes, if any special request needed, please kindly

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