Пневматический клапан бабочка производитель клапанов высокопроизводительный взрывозащищенный

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Butterfly Valves
Customized support
Brand Name
Port Size
Product name
HGZK Pneumatic butterfly valve series

Bottom connection mode
Bottom installation standard: according to connect standard ISO5211 / VDI / VDE3845
Indicator cover
Judge the valve switch status by the Yellow position on the indicator cover
Set screw
The set screw is used to fine tune the angle of the valve. When the valve is not tightly closed, the screw can be fine tuned to make it tightly closed

Double acting
There is no spring inside the double acting pneumatic actuator. When the air source is lost, the cylinder remains in place(FL)
Single action
Single acting internal return spring, reliable spring return without air source, can be made normally closed(FC) or normally open(FO)

Our pneumatic butterfly valve include different types,some of the popular have been selected to be displayed below.

Click on the product below you are interested in for more details

1.How to control the pneumatic valve
Controlled by reversing valve, such as solenoid valve and manual reversing valve,
Solenoid valve voltage optional:DC12V,DC24V, AC24V, AC110V, AC220V,AC380V.

2.What accessories are available for pneumatic valves?
Solenoid valve:Use electricity to control the air source, and then control the pneumatic valve switch;
Limit switch:Feedback valve switch status;
Air filter:Filter impurities in air of air source;
Manual device:When the air source is lost, the valve switch can be controlled manually.

3.Difference between double acting and single acting
There is no spring in the double acting cylinder, and the valve remains in place when the air source is lost;
There are spring in the single acting cylinder. When the air source is lost, the spring can be used for resetting;

4.What is the life span of your pneumatic actuators?
We have passed 1 million times of product quality test, and obtained the certificate

5.How fast does the pneumatic valve open and close?
Small caliber valve switch for 1s,Large diameter valve switch 1.5s;

6.Can the pneumatic valve control the opening and flow?
Yes, pneumatic valves can be equipped with positioners, usually controlled by 4-20mA electric signals.

7.Do pneumatic valves support customization?
Yes, we can provide you with scheme configuration according to your control needs

8.Can you do OEM for me?
We accept all OEM orders, including pneumatic actuator color, valve material, just contact us and give me your design. We will provide you with a reasonable price and make samples for you as soon as possible.

9.Do you have more valve products?
We produce various valves, such as pneumatic valves, electric valves, control valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, etc.

10.Why Us?
Quality assurance: All the products will go through lots of tests carefully before dispatch Competitive production capacity and fast shipping Factory direct sale, most competitive price.


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