Зажим для MOTUL 7100 4T 20W 50 1 (1600602007113)

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*GuangZhou ZhiYong Auto Parts Co., Ltd incorporated in 2000, is specialized in R&D, produce, marketing and after-sales service of auto part for different kinds of automobiles.
*We specialize in made to order lubricants for automotive, industrial and marine use. At ZHIYONG, we are confident in providing you our best cooperation and services at very competitive prices, relevant to your business operational needs.

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Automotive Lubricant
 Increasing Lubricity
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High Grade
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Q1 How to choose the right lubricant?
*According to the requirements of the owner's manual, select according to the AP and SAE levels.
*Compared with mineral oil, synthetic oil has more stable performance, can extend oil change period, and save fuel. It should be
used as much as possible.
*The SN level is higher than the SM level and has better wear resistance. It should be used as much as possible.

Q2 The quality of the oil is good or bad, Look at the API indicators. What is the classification of the API indicators?
There are two main types of engines, namely gasoline engines and diesel engines. The API also regulates engine oil into two
categories. The gasoline engine oil API quality level starts with S, while the diesel engine starts with C. The quality level is
in alphabetical order, and the higher the letter, the higher the level.
Gasoline engine oil API level: SA, SB, SC, SD, SE, SF, SG, SHSJ, SL, SM, SN
Diesel engine oil API level: CA, CB, CC, CD, CE, CF, CF-4, CG-4, CH-4, CI-4

Q3 How to choose the right viscosity?
*The new car uses a lower viscosity, such as: 5W-30
*The old car uses high viscosity oil, such as: 15W-50
*When the temperature in the north is low, choose low viscosity, such as: 5W-30
*Generally, you can choose moderate viscosity, such as: 5W-40

Q4 My car doesn't drive in very harsh environments. Do you need such a good lubricant?
Most vehicles do not drive in harsh environments, but the use of high quality lubricants has become a consensus:
As new technologies continue to be applied to engines, the engine's operating conditions are becoming more stringent and thedemand
for lubricants is increasing. High-quality grades of lubricants reduce engine wear, piston and piston ring deposits,providing full
lubrication to the engine and extending engine life.

Q5 Do I need to flush the engine before replacing this product or other Oumali engine oil?
Not necessary at all. There is no need to make any special preparations when changing from conventional oil to this

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