Голографическая проекционная голографическая пленка-проектор, задняя проекционная пленка серого цвета

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Описание и отзывы


holographic projection hologram film projector grey color rear projection film 

Product Description

Rear projection film has a self adhesive layer (peel and stick) making it easy to apply to glass or acrylic or any transparent materials. The unique high resolution screen technology offers superior brightness, contrast and black levels even in high ambient light and daylight. The width of projection film is 1.52m as default, and the length is available in a range of 1m-30m. custom shapes and sizes are also available and pieces can be simply joined to create large format displays.


rear projection film specification:

model holographic D-HFGreycarbon blackmirror

high contrast

S black

thickness um10010010080120130100
widht mm1520152415241524150015308000
length mm303030303025/
light transparency83%no no nono no 95%
viewing angle 135°120°120°175°175°120°120°
contrast 500:1500:11200:1/1200:11200:1/
gain value0.851.20.9/0.91.1/
projection typerearrearrear/rearfront/rearreflective
featurehigh transparenthigh difinition high contrast high reflectivehigh contrast, wide view high brightnesshigh transparent&definition



1.  Suggestions for projector?

1)Any type projector all is suitable.

2)Projector lumens is more high, the effect is more better. But don't lower than 3000lumens(brightness).


2. How to choose different rear projection film?

Transparent: Normally, transparent rear projection film can have a good effect in dark environment. It is transparent, so people can see things through the film. Also it will have a holographic image. But if the indoor light is too strong, the projection image can not been seen clearly.


Gray: Gray projection film can be used both in dark and light environment. And in both environment can achieve a good image. But people can not see things through the film.


Carbon black: carbon black projection film has a high contrast then gray one. So it can be used in the strong light environment. Also people can not see things through the film.


Mirror: mirror projection film, high reflective, indoor application, suitalbe for no need see through the opposite occasion. 


White: white projection film,rear and front projection, high brigntess, indoor projection.


3. Rear projection film difference?

1.Transparent rear projection film can have a good effect in the dark environment. As it have 92% transmittance, people can see things through the film, and it will have a holographic image. But if there have strong sunlight, the image projected can't been seen clearly.

2. Dark gray, grey, black projection film all are high contrast and can absorb the light,So they can be used under the strong light environment, the best opinion is high contrast grey.

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Company Information

Shenzhen Changze(longzeal) Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializing in R&D, manufacture and export all type holographic visuals,holographic screen ,projection Screens since 2004, honor to OEM for some International famous brand, we are the biggest factory of projection screen in China now.

Created new product line in 2010, including Holographic Projection System, Hologram Display, Projection Film, Holo Gauze and Hologram Led Fan.More than 10 years experiences for export, offer trustable quality product and professional service for each customer.



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