Reention сандалии на высоком каблуке с закрытой пяткой мини аккумулятор для е байка 36В 7.8Ah 8.7Ah 9.6Ah 10Ah 10.4Ah 11.6Ah 12Ah 12.5Ah 12.8Ah 14Ah 250W 350W 500W со скрытыми батареями (1600647340148)

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Product Description

REENTION EEL Mini Hidden e-bike battery

Battery Datasheet
Type Hidden Ebike battery 36v 48v
Nominal Voltage 36v
Nominal Capacity 7.8Ah 8.8Ah 10Ah 10.4ah 11.6ah 12.8ah 14ah
Weight Approx.3kg
Battery color black color
Fit motor 250w 350w 500w
Dimension about 64*74*430/365mm thick*high*long (two different long, two types optional)
Standard Charge 2A-3A
Fast Charge 3A/4A
Standard Discharge 15A-20A
BMS protection Over-Current Protection,Over-Discharge Protection, Over-Charge Protection,Short-Circuit Protection, Balance
Charger 2A-3A charger input plug provide match differrent countries

Detailed Images

2pins or 6Pins discharge connector/Plug

Battery Long 430mm or 365mm

Power Indicator, Charge Port, Discharge Port

Packing & Delivery


One battery one box standard packing, we also provide customize packing

Delivery service

We provide express, air, sea, and special line shipping etc

Shipping consult

If you have any shipping requirements, please contact us directly.

Our Company

About Ding Tai Battery

Ding Tai Battery Co., Ltd is headquartered in Shenzhen, GuangDong Province, established in 2005, has been playing a leading role among power battery manufacturers, offering a variety of high quality batteries and chargers to global market. Including electric bicycle batteries, storage batteries, electronics batteries, and Li-polymer batteries.
We provide battery one stop solution.


1.Can I place order online?

Yes, online order optional, but we need confirm some dietails before your order it
Because batteries not normal goods, many deatils need to confirm, if not confirmed it maybe not work

2. There have a charger with the battery?

Yes, we will provide a match charger with it

3. What type charger plug?

We will send the charger plug depends on your country

4. Is there have customize battery case or battery cells service?

Yes, of course

5. more question, please contact us directly


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