Стальная конструкция 40 футового контейнерного шасси для промежуточного контейнерного шасси при местной установке (1600677644137)

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Brief Instruction

GET container chassis offers you the perfect solution when your top priority is the efficient transport of 20' and 40' containers positioned flush with the rear of the trailer. It carries 20' containers positioned flush with the rear of the trailer as well as 2 x 20' containers and 40' tunnel containers. * Its rear extension is a user-friendly and time-saving solution and does not require adjustment for 40' containers without a tunnel.

Main Parameters

40FT Gooseneck Container Chassis with Two Axles
Overall Dimension (mm)
Length×width×height:12,453x2,470xH1 (The height will be adjusted according to the tractor specification
Fifth Wheel Height (mm)
The height will be adjusted according to the tractor specification
Tare Weight (kg)
3,500 kg(±5%)
Payload (kg)
35,000 kg(±5%)
Gross weight (kg)
38,500 kg(±5%)
Type: 11R22.5, equip 8pcs per chassis, China Brand, optioned by factory
Steel Type: 8.25-22.5, equip 8pcs per chassis
13T, 2 sets, without ABS
2-axles enforced mechanical suspension
Landing Gear
JOST 25T, Lifting capacity 25T and static load 60T
JOST 2”, exchanged
Brake System
30/30 type on rear axle, WABCO brake valve
Electrical System
24V, LED lamp
Spare Tire Carrier
Equip 2 sets per chassis
Tool Box
Primer + top coat, polyurethane paint
AS per required.

Your Benefits

Focused: mountings for ISO  40' tunnel containers
Extendible* : optional locking mechanisms for 45' containers without tunnel, and 20ft container Lock System. Also for loading into Container to save the Sea Freight .

Trailer Chassis

Standard chassis
container chassis are constructed using high-strength steel profiles and systematically protected against corrosion.
Rear extension*
The rear extension Optional can be pneumatically extended to the required container position for 45ft or more. and also for container loading shipment.

Running Gear

Air Suspension Optionals
Outstanding driving characteristics, thanks to BPW /SAF air suspension. The innovative ventilation system generates less heat extending brake pads lifetime.
Lifting axle Optional
The lifting axle improve efficiency, driving safety and traction off-road.

Locking Mechanisms

Faster container swaps through efficient locking mechanisms. Greater convenience with the best material quality, simple handling, minimised risk of errors and two ISO locking systems.
TWIST LOCKs Optional
Adjustable TWIST-LOCK locking in the middle 20ft position for 20ft contianer delivery.

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What is a Skeleton Semi Trailers

Skeleton Semi-trailers belongs to the Terminal Logistic Equipment.Can be made for 20 feet and 40 feet or 45 feet or other special dimension container's transportation.

From 2 axles to 4 axles or more , with capacity from 20T to 80T to fit all the bad working conditions in all over the world.

Skeleton can also work together with the inland cargo box to be an Dry Logistics box semi-trailer, with a freezer to be a Cold Chain Logistics Refrigerated semi-trailer for fresh or frozen cargos, with an Tanker to be a Energy LogisticsTanker Monoblock Tankerer semi-trailer,etc.

Totally , Skeleton Semi-trailer is a very friendly trailer friends , can make friends with most of the cargo Holders.

Are we manufacturers or traders? Why you are just show Trade company ?
We are manufacturer, we have 3 factories in China for different Vehicles and projects with different names for 30 years.We do business like to visit them and meeting in face to face before , so we have no Stores in Internet, but this year, the virus reason , we can not travel again , have to make it in internet.

GET industry is a new company established in Jinan City , the Center of China Havy Machine to organize the international business of all our factories , so it is just show as a trading company in Alibaba.

Additional information for TruckTrailer
1.The parameters of the truck trailer are just common configurations, not absolute.The specific configuration of the container trailer will be executed according to your needs.
2.We also do OEM and ODM.If you are interested in understanding our abilities and the container trailer, we are always welcome.
3.The final price of all container trailer is determined by the container trailer configuration you choose.Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing products, please contact us

Application for Truck Trailer
1. This series container semi trailers are mainly suitable for the MID/Long distance transportation of containers,this series container semi trailer divides flatbed type.
2. The capacity is for 50tons , we can manufacture it according to your needs.
3. The axles can be Fuwa / Bpw with different tonnages by your need with price differences.
4. The suspensions can be: Air suspension, mechanic (leaf spring suspension), bogie suspension, etc.
5. The loading deck can be concave beams, tire appeared cover, totally flatbed, or extendable.
6. The loading ramps can be rear end designed, or front loading ladders, which can be mechanic spring ladders and hydraulic loading ramps by different needs .

What is the CKD and CBU means ?
CKD means completely knocked down. That means offer all the parts of the truck body(Semi-finished products), you need assemble the box first, then amount to your truck chassis. Though you have to do some works, but It can save much shipping charges.
CBU means completely Building Unit. That is, we offer you the whole truck body, you just install it your truck directly.


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