HDPE этилен треснувшая газовая сушилка ASME реактор под давлением

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Product Overview

Ethylene Cracked Gas Dryer Pressure Vessel
Diameter: 7500mm
Thickness: 70mm
Weight: 250 tons
Length: 220000m
Of prime importance in the ethylene plant process is the Cracked Gas (CG) Dehydration System. CG Dryer operation is a key factor to the achievement of not only on-specification ethylene production, but the prevention of incapacitating hydrates formation in the downstream recovery equipment operating at low-temperatures. In an existing steam cracker, there is usually the requirement to handle progressive creep in the olefins plant's CG capacity. Therefore, there will be a time when the increase in CG capacity requirements will deem a debottlenecking of the appropriate operating systems. However, for the economic success of any Debottlenecking Project it will be important to achieve the increase in capacity with the lowest capital expenditure, while maintaining a reliable operation.

Agitation Reactor for Ethylene Plant
Ethylene CG Dryer Fabrication
Ethylene CG Dryer

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About Openex
Openex Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd is one of very few companies that can provide comprehensive metalworking services to customers worldwide. Our services typically include machining, cost effective metal pressings and stamped parts precision metal and casting for metal parts,components, and complete assemblies especially for large and medium size with high precision. We have already passed certificates of ISO, CE, ASME, API, LR etc. Whatever your metalwork requirements are, no task is too large, no task is too complex for Openex. We pride ourselves on being one of the most professional and reliable suppliers, not just through price, but also creative capability to meet customer’s increasing diversified and specified demands in metalworking.

Our Capabilities

Our One-Stop-Shop houses small and large fabricating and machining shops, and is equipped with some of the largest machinery in the world.


Q: Do you have a quality guarantee?
A: Yes. We have traceable quality records for the product shipped from us, and if any fault is found, we commit to send a replacement at our cost, or any other more suitable solution depends on discussion with our customer.

Q: How long is the delivery?
A: Mostly it takes one month for us to complete an order with volume under one standard ocean container or equivalent, and five weeks to get the container sail. The prototype would take more time, the large volume would take longer. However, taking into considering of the shipping time cross-ocean or board, we understand that delivery is critical for international purchase, and we would specially set up so-called Rapid Reaction Mechanism (RRM) to meet tight delivery, for example, under agreement with the buyer, we keep in stock certain volume of small parts, fasteners which are of relatively low value, longer leading time, but are regularly used.

Q: How quickly can you give me the price?
A: Mostly within two days, but depends on the project you inquire about. To give a meaningful quotation, we generally need to check firstly the drawings you provide to make sure it is within our manufacturing capability, if any questions we may need to clear up with you so that we can offer our best solution.

Q: What is your MOQ?
A: We have no certain MAQ. We are happy to produce a prototype as a trial, however, if the business ends in a small quantity like one or two small pieces for a hobby, then it is more likely a business for the metal shop as close as possible to the buyer. Sometimes the international transport would take much longer than production, and the transportation cost might be much more expensive than the value of the goods. On the other hand, large volume, and/or long-term business is more likely to bring benefit for both parties, and therefore worth for both to put effort on.


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