2023 новая трендовая лучшая электрическая машина для приготовления под вакуумом мини-машина пищи термическая 220 В 110

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Temperature adjustment
PC+Stainless steel304
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2 x AA batteries (not included)

About this item
A Premium Choice: A sous vide cooker that is both powerful and quiet—the best of both worlds. Slow cook pots are so five years ago. It’s time to give sous vide a try.
Quiet in the Kitchen: Not just high-powered—thanks to the brushless motor. Some sous vides sound like ocean liners; with the Greater Goods sous vide, you’ll only hear a gentle ripple.
* Proven & Trusted Quality:

* No Hassle, Culi Guarantee:
We love and take pride in our slow cooker. Have the confidence that this slow cooker will last, if there are ever any issues, just contact us and we will make it right. Order now and be assured that this product will live up to your expectations.

Our Advantages


Sous vide
The low temperature slow cooking technology (Sous vide) originates from French. In English, it is called "slow cook", which means"under vacuum" and "vacuum cooking"; It is based on scientific research to find out the temperature range of protein cell explosion of each food material under heating, so as to calculate how long it takes to cook the food within the explosion temperature.
It appeared in the 18th century, and was officially used in restaurant food production in France in the 1970s. With the rise of molecular food, low temperature slow cooking has become popular in the international food industry, which is a cooking technology loved by many Michelin chefs.

★ Powerful But Light weight & Quiet Cooking Machine:
Culi 1100W sous vide cooker has a wide temperature range of 25-95.5℃ (77-210℉)with precise time and temperature control via the LCD touchscreen, easily achieve a high-quality and healthier meal.

★ Easy to Use:
Culi sous vide precision cooker could be easily attached to many stock pot or container with the fixed clip. Meanwhile, it heats water faster and holds temperature precisely so you can get cooking quicker than before when cooking a simple meal or a lavish feast.

★ More Cooking Options for Healthier, Tastier food:
Culi Sous vide cooking offers more accurate level of doneness for beef, chicken, fish, eggs, vegetables, lamb, pork, and so on. The perfect ability to retain most of the health and nutritional benefits during the cooking process results in best texture and taste.

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About us

Culi is an ISO Certified Kitchen Product manufacturing vendor.

Headquartered at Ningbo, Culi has US/EU/RU/ASEAN reach through its itself and channel partners. 

Our focus is to provide the most modern and efficient kitchen&bathroom automation products with quality and price balanced equations. 

We offer a wide range of Milk Frother, Cocktail Smoker Blender,Vegetable Chopper, Sensor Pump etc

We are led by our values of trust, accountability and collaboration to serve others through this common mission:
We make living better at home.


Most asked questions

A) Can you use milk frother for matcha?
A handheld whisk or milk frother can be an excellent alternative to the traditional chasen. Handheld milk frothers, in particular, do a great job at frothing the matcha.
But if you are travelling or looking to take your matcha to-go, blender bottles are a decent option. Our gym junkies will know all about these! While we don't recommend using the same bottle you use for your protein shake, we do vouch for using a blender bottle/protein shaker if you have nothing else on hand.

B) Can milk frother beat eggs?
Scrambling eggs “perfectly” is a matter of great debate among food professionals. It’s both an art held in high esteem, and a science based in the complicated ways that protein molecules interact with fat, and heat, and each other. But if you’re anything like me — and my 11-year-old son, apparently — in the end, you just want a plate of fluffy, creamy, not-too-watery (and also not-too-dry!) scrambled eggs. And you want them without fuss or much cleanup. Well, we’ve discovered the secret: a wand milk frother or i will name it as egg beater.

Frothed Eggs Are Fluffy and Creamy
They’re absolutely delicious.

C) Can milk frother whip cream?
Yes. If I only need a tiny bit of homemade whipped cream, I really like to use a battery operated milk frother. It only takes a minute or two, and there's no need to lug out your hand mixer.

D) What does a milk frother do for coffee?
Milk frothers aerate milk, creating tiny microbubbles that lend a light and creamy texture to milk while increasing the overall volume. Various techniques used while frothing result in different kinds of foam from velvety smooth textures for lattes to fluffy foam for cappuccinos.

E) How do i use my milk frother?
1. Heat the milk to scalding.
2. Place the milk in a tall container. Hold the container at an angle and turn on the frother.
3. Move the frother up and down until foamy bubbles form, about 20 seconds or so. Tap the container on the counter to break down any large bubbles.

F) How to clean milk frother?
1. Turn your milk frother off. Turn your milk frother off. Unplug it if the tool runs on electricity.
2. Hold the dirty wand with the whisk under a faucet and hand-wash it with warm water. Be gentle when you clean around the coil so that you don't break it. Use a brush to clean the coil, if it holds any milk residue. If the wand has any limestone deposits, soak its whisking part in warm water with lemon juice/citric acid or other cleaners that eliminate milk buildup.
You may also submerge the dirty whisk in a vessel with warm water and let the device spin for several seconds.
3.Place the frother in warm soapy water and turn it on. Give your frother a periodic thorough cleaning with a thick cleaning detergent to prevent the formation of milk deposits. Sanitation with a detergent extends the service life of the tool.
4.Add some soapy solution in a vessel with hot water. Dip the whisk into the soapy water and turn the frother on for several seconds. Keep the electric parts of the frother away from water. You may use dish liquid or liquid soap.
5.Rinse the frother under running water or immerse it in a vessel with pure water and turn it on. Let the device work for 10-15 seconds to wash away the remnants of the cleaning agent. You can repeat this stage several times. Use clear water each time. Give the wand a thorough rinsing if any detergent has been used.
6.Turn the frother on to let the whisk dry. If there are dirty spots on the handle, wipe it with a damp cloth.Clean the cord with a wet fabric and dry it with a clean paper towel.


A) Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
Located in Ningbo, we are a professional manufacturer in Kitchen&Garden products. Welcome for your visit.

B) Could I get a sample?
Sure. Contact me any time for a sample.

C) Whether you could make our brand on your products?
Yes. We can print your Logo on both the products and the packages.

D) Whether you could make your products by our color?
Yes.The color of products can be customized.

E) How to guarantee the quality of your products?
Strict sampling inspection on products before shipment and intact product packaging ensured.
Also we can follow your requirements to reach the following standards: Rohs, CE, EMC etc.
When bulk production, we will report to you the status of product when 30%/50%/70% finished.

F) How about the after-sale service?
We provide excellent after-sale service for each order,no matter big order or small order, any problems we will take
responsibility and solve it for you within 12 hours.

G) How about your MOQ ?
If we have stocks , MOQ=1pc.
Please contact us get the qty details.

H) What’s the trade terms and payment terms?
Our trade terms:EXW, FOB, DDP and so on.
Payment terms:T/T,L/C,Paypal or Alibaba trade assurance order, etc. 30% or 50% of the total value to be paid before producing.

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