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Outside Tent

The tent is very suitable for various business occasions and brings comfortable experience to the masses. It's also adoted to temporary warehouse, workshop, and emergency utility.Our tent could be easily installed and disassembled, high quality with reasonable cost. Since the tent occupy less rooms, the tent could be transported conveniently and quickly. Furthermore, the tent are much more stable than the foldable tents.


Product Sizes

Product Description


MaterialProduct CodeUnit SpaceSpanEave HeightTotal HeightMain Pipe Spec.The tallest Pipe 
Aluminium AlloySLP05100351034.648*100/68*1225.2
Aluminium AlloySLP05120451245.968*1226.3
Aluminium AlloySLP05150451546.488*166/108*1508
Aluminium AlloySLP05180451846.9112*2039.6
Aluminium AlloySLP05200452047.25112*20310.6
Aluminium AlloySLP05250552559112*20310.6
Aluminium AlloySLP05300553059.8113*25910.6
Aluminium AlloySLP053505535510.7125*30010.6
Aluminium AlloySLP054005540511.5128*30011
Aluminium AlloySLP055005550513.5125*35013.3


1.Peronal Design

2.Real Material3.Durable
Fashion Product design,
Strong visual impaction
Standrad Aluminum ally.
Double coated PVC
polyester fire and water
resistance fabric
Precise joints and
careful details
4.Custom5.Waterproof and
UV resistance
6.Simple Build
Wuxi manufacturer for
different span and colors
Effective prevention of
rainwater and sunshine
Assamble and disassemble
simply,easy for transport
and storage

Detail display

Double coated PVC polyester with the high performance of water,fire and UV resistance.
Different specifications and colors can satisfy all requirements from customers.


Fixed mode

(1)Weighted Plate consolidation; sand and concrete, such heavy things to be placed into the plate. ( This method always be suitable for the indestructible ground.)
(2)Permanent Solution; this method is adopted for long term appliance. The consolidation system is casting into the ground. It is very stable.
(3)Expandable Screw; for the ground, which maybe set the screw into the hard ground, like concrete ground.
(4)Anchor fix way, this is a method for the soft ground, like grass and muddy ground.

Tent accessories



Information form for Truss design

Inquiry reference






1. Width__________M


2. Length________M


3. Space distance between columns:________M


4. Eave high__________M


5. Brick wall or concrete wall high(if any)_________M


6. Roof slop grade___________(°or%)


7. Ventilation: 1)no 2)normal 3)natural 4)ventilator


8. Wall and roof: 1)EPS sandwich panel 2)PU panel

                          3)rockwool panel 4)steet sheet thickness:__________________


9. Door: 1)sandwich panel sliding door 2)rolling door size:__________________


10. Window: 1)aluminium window2)pvc window size :_____________________


11. Lighting: 1)skylight board 2)thickness:__________


12. Draining: 1)natural draining 2)gutter


13. Crane: 1)yes 2)no 3)capacity_____T







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