Ткань 16 унций ткань для мытья воды холщовая из полиэстера хлопка Холщовая Сумка сумка материал обуви ностальгическая Товары в

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Product Introduction
16 oz cloth wash water canvas cloth polyester cotton wash canvas handbag, bag, shoe material wash nostalgia fabric spot supply

About the Company
In 1997, Premier Zhu Rongji proposed in Shanghai that the textile industry should be taken as a breakthrough for the reform and escape of state-owned enterprises. A large number of state-owned textile factories are facing reform and reorganization. But around 1997, the income of urban and rural residents kept increasing, and the retail sales of textiles also kept increasing, and the international textile trade volume would further increase. In the face of opportunities and challenges, Ding brand canvas in Guangzhou arises at the historic moment, with the spirit of "forge ahead, pragmatic and innovative" guidance to lead all staff sail.

In 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Chinese Taekwondo cloth supplier
On September 30, 2000, in the 27th Sydney Olympic Games, Chen beat Ivanova of Russia in the women's 67kg competition and won the
first Olympic gold medal for China, which was also the first Olympic gold medal in the history of world Taekwondo, realizing the
breakthrough of Chinese taekwondo from "zero" to "zero".

About the Company
In 2003, adhering to the quality policy of "quality is the source of life, beyond is the foundation of survival", the company
produced the reliable and stable quality of the canvas products, better than the national standard similar products, exported at
home and abroad, won the praise of customers, become the country's largest production base of luggage canvas, the peak annual
output of 50 million square meters, the output value of about 500 million yuan.

About the Company
After 25 years of extraordinary years, we have been united and made good efforts in every step, actively exploring the market, consolidating brand building, product innovation, strict product quality control, and constantly improving our competitiveness. We focus on details, strong management, high standards, first-class; The people of Horse Horn are always striving for self-improvement. What's more, we have a strong horse horn team.

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We take the textile frontier road, to provide customers with quality products and excellent service. At present, the business includes one-stop services from grey cloth to dyeing, printing and washing. The main business is canvas series 4OE to 26OE, providing medium and high-end fabrics for leisure clothing, handbags, shoes and hats, toys, crafts, furniture and other industries. The main market of the products: the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other 13 countries, domestic products in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and other seven provinces and 12 cities.

Dingcheng Canvas Weaving Factory, No. 9 Dabulu Road, Xinhua Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China

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