Настольные ультразвуковые металлические точечные сварочные машины 800 Вт с сенсорным экраном и цифровым контроллером

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Product Description

800W Desktop Ultrasonic Metal Welder with Touch-Screen Digital Controller

Product Application:
Ultrasonic pole ear metal spot welder is commonly used in metal welding of winding and laminating process. It has the characteristics of small size, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, firm structure, stable and safe use, etc.

Points to note:
1. Touch screen interface, intuitive and convenient, frequency automatic tracking.
2. No traces of oxidation, ultrasonic cleaning function, metal surface stains or oxides, no surface treatment, but also perfect welding.
3. All work pieces do not need to be pre-treated, without solder, welding oil additives can be fused, economic and convenient.
4. The welding head is made of wear-resistant material, durable.
5. Small internal resistance of solder joint. Good electrical conductivity after welding, its resistivity is very low, close to zero.
6. Welding time is very short, generally can be in 0.01-2S instant welding complete.
7. Solder joint firm, working temperature does not exceed the annealing temperature, do not change the workpiece metallographic structure, the welding strength than other ways of welding more firm, welding interface neat clean.
8. Low welding cost, fast speed, easy operation, easy maintenance.
9. Welding does not produce sparks, operator safety, no smoke smell, will not cause air pollution.

Product model

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Company Profile

Shenzhen Gauss Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of testing molds, new energy related equipment, materials, consumables, and focus on nanomaterials dispersion technology, graphene application technology and lithium battery technology solutions. The company technical team members have part-time Dr 4 people, master of four people, undergraduate three people and has a number of stable technology consultant team cooperation, condensed from materials, process, equipment, test, production and sales of professional senior talents, professional trained team members at the same time, the rapid development of personal ability and jointly promote the rapid development of the company.

Logistics packaging


Q1: About price?
A1: The price is negotiable. It can be changed according to your quantity or package. when you are making an inquiry, please let us know the quantity you want.

Q2: Do you sell accessories for your machines?
A2: Of coures,All of match accessories for our machine are on selling, we are willing to supply the match parts to you with low price.

Q3: How about the packaging of your products ?
A3: All our products are package with stander export and safty, such as wooden case , wooden frame, box and so on . if you special package request, pls inform with us.

Q4: How long can I get my product if I place the deposit?
A4:Generally, our production time is 7 working days on the quantity and if there is any customization involved. For the delivery time, please contact us for details.

Q5:How much for shipping cost?
A5: There have 3 shipping option for you.
Option 1- By sea, please inform us port name which the most near from you, we will check the shipping freight cost for you with our forwarder.
Option 2- By airport, please inform us the airport name, we will check the freight for you with our forwarder.
Option 3- By EXPRESS, please inform us your address in detail, we will check the freight for you with our forwarder.


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