YY Q37 промышленный интеллигентая (ый) контроль низкого напряжения нержавеющая сталь электрическая панель распределения 380v изготовленный на заказ Электрический шкафYY Q37 (1600725638495)

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About control panel
Whether it be Schneider, ABB, Omron, DELIXI,Eaton or other brands of electrical parts, we are used to working with the most reknowned brands and we are able to recommend the ones that best fit y our application and your budget. let us assist you in designing the most cost efficient control panel for your application.

Product Name
control cabinet/panel
Box/cabinet size
Product type
One control by one
Start Stop
support customization
Box/cabinet thickness
a year
Instal type
wall mounting/console mode
Overload protection
Phase protection
Short circuit protection

Applicable Industry:
Can widely use in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, water supply, mine, building material, electrical motor industry, such as pumps, fans, air compressor, rolling mill, injection molding machine, conveyer belt and other machinery and equipments.
Equipment can be designed according to needs:
1.Customizable various frequency conversion cabinets
2.PLC cabinets
3.energy-saving transformation projects
4.Develop customized programming
5.industrial control cabinet
6.Explosion-proof cabinet

Characteristics Analysis:
1. Save energy
2. Lower operating cost.
3. Extend motor's life
4 Reduce motor's noise

Real shooting

Stainless steel control panel
Control Panels According to Your Electrical Standards As an authorized control distributor of more than 50 000 different types of electrical parts (contactor, relays, starters, drives, soft starts, push buttons) we work with your standards.

For different types of industrial applications, including lighting, dust removal, refrigeration, water pumps, fans, etc

Project case

Our production workshop


About us

Company Introduction
Fujian Guozhiyun Information Technology Co., Ltd., established in May 2017, is located in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, a 4A tourist city with beautiful scenery and fresh air. The registered capital is 10 million yuan. BOSS-Lei Liangzhu. Fujian Yanyu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is the headquarters of Fujian Guozhiyun Information Technology Co., Ltd. The company is a foreign trade company focusing on the field of industrial electrical control. We have our own factory team to provide us with first-class products, and our philosophy is to do our best to provide customers with the most cost-effective Chinese products.
We the company's main business is OEM customization services such as low-voltage electrical control cabinets, power distribution cabinets, explosion-proof cabinets, design, production, and PLC programming. Our products are widely used in water supply,environmental protection,new energy, Electric power, energy saving and consumption reduction and other fields,including sewage treatment, waste gas treatment, lithium battery detection, wind power and other equipment control systems and various online monitoring system integration.

Name: Evan li
1.8 years of electrical and engineering automation experience
2.Hobbies: Running, fishing, basketball
3.Email:[email protected]
4.Tel: +8618859338637
6.Address: Address: Fuzhou High-tech Zone, Fujian




1.Q: Are you a manufacturer or trader?
A:We are all, Main business of the company low-voltage switchgear, power distribution cabinet, explosion-proof cabinet design, production and system programming.

2.Q: Whether to support OEM/ODM?Can you design the equipment according to our size?
A: Of course, we can customize any product according to customer requirements, and we can provide design solutions and solutions.

3.Q: Why should I buy from you instead of someone else?
A: First of all, we can provide all customers with very professional support consisting of IT consultants and service teams.Secondly, our main engineers have more than 20 years of experience in power distribution equipment development.

4.Q:What about the delivery time?
A:Generally, our delivery time is around 7-15 days about. While, it depends on the requirement of customers and the
quantity of products.

5.Q:What about the shipment?
A:We can arrange shipment by DHL, FedEx, UPS,etc.of course, customers can also use their own freight forwarders.

6.Q:How about the terms of payment?
A:Supported T/T、Paypal、Apple Pay、Google Pay、Western Union,etc. Of course we can discuss on this.

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