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Product Description

The full name of antifreeze should be called antifreeze coolant, which means coolant with antifreeze function. Antifreeze prevents the coolant from freezing and cracking the radiator and freezing the engine cylinder block or cover when parked in cold winter.
Many people think antifreeze is only used in winter, but it should be used all year round.
Antifreeze is a kind of coolant containing special additives, mainly used for liquid cooled engine cooling system, antifreeze has winter anti-freeze, summer anti-boiling, year-round anti-scale, anti-corrosion and other excellent performance.

Product Specification

Other Names
Lubricating oil, coolant
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Product name
Bright green
18/200L barrel
Shelf life
2 Years

Product Application

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Q:Why choose us?
A: We can meet our customers everyrequirements. We have longtime and richexperience on the products manufacturing. lfany questions after sales, we will reply you within 24 hours with solutions. Andcustomer can be rest assured. We value the good relationship with our customers. And we enjoy the good reputation in the business.

Q:What's your transportation way?
A:by sea, by express (DHL, TNT, UPS)and by air.

Q:How about your packing?
A:You can contact us to get exact packingfor different product.

Q:What are your payment terms?
A:TT in advance is for the fist cooperation, we also can supply paypal, westernunion,L/C.

Q:What is the lead time ?
A: Generally if we have stock, we will delivery in 15 days. lf it need product .the leadtime will be around 20-50 days which depends on the real situation.

Q:How does your factory control the quality?
A:Quality is very important, we take much attention to control our quality from rawmaterials to the end. make sure it's in good.

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