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Our Services

We offer the finest olive oil products under terms of Guaranteed in Time Delivery, Wholesale Prices and Agreed Premium Quality


Company Information

Hacienda Ortigosa:


A new olive oil is born with a flavor that you will immediately fall in love with.

The green juice of our centuries-old olive trees.


The basis of our extra virgin olive oil is our picual variety olives, that undergo the most advanced techniques, while preserving all their nutritional and organoleptic properties.


The natural juice obtained from the fresh, healthy fruits of the olive, extra virgin olive oil, is widely revered as one of the great ingredients of Spanish gastronomy. Its varied aromas and flavors, culinary versatility and health-giving attributes have been acknowledged and extolled by chefs, gourmets and nutritionists the world over. Spain's geography and climate - with extensive mountain slopes, mild or cold winters and long, hot summers - are ideal for olive cultivation.

The olive tradition existed prior to the Roman domination of Spain although it was the Romans who extended cultivation and developed oil production. Over the centuries, olive-growing has had an uneven history in line with political, economic and even religious affairs, but its overwhelming, constant presence has molded the landscape in many parts of Spain and to some extent determined the lifestyle and eating habits of its inhabitants. And the tradition has now been revitalized.

 The mill "Hacienda Ortigosa", was founded in Viana (NavarraSpain, in 2005. Each year it produces a total of 180,000 litres of single variety oil from the arbequina olive, and has a storage capacity of over 1,200,000 litres.

Our experience and knowledge together with the richness of the nature, his ground and climate, are the factors that guarantee the exceptional flavour of our oil. The best traditional extraction techniques combined with state-of-the-art technology guarantee the unique flavour of our olive oils.


We produce an oil of high quality, very fine for people who know how to enjoy a high quality product.If there is something that characterises Hacienda Ortigosa then it is our:


Single variety olive oil from the Arbequina olive. This type of olive is characteristic of the Ebro,La Rioja and Lérida areas of Spain.It is a select variety and is highly valued in the industry for its properties and characteristics.


Large scale production: Each year we produce a total of 180,000 litres of single variety oil from the arbequina olive. The storage capacity of our stainless steel depositories is 1,200,000 litres.       

Estate:We cultivate our own arbequina olives from over 220 hectares of land which contain over 350,000 olive tree.


 Irrigation system: We employ the most advanced system of irrigation currently available on the market. A satellite anyled system allows any anomaly in the system to be detected; this allows immediate care of the olives.

Harvest time: The harvest of the olives is carried out at the optimum time. Hacienda Ortigosa is conscious that the time of collection is critical to the quality of our oils. A prompt collection reduces the level of acid in our oils and intensifies the smell and flavour.


System any: Hacienda Ortigosa has total any over the production process of its oil. Growing and harvesting the olives in our own groves and using our own machinery for harvesting; transportation of the olives from the groves to the trujal using our own trucks; pressing the olives to extract the oil in our own plant and finally bottling and storing the oil.


As a result Hacienda Ortigosa can rapidly coordinate changes in the production schedule and respond to the needs of our clients without having to rely on external suppliers.


Reduced time taken to press the olives. Hacienda Ortigosa employ market leading machinery in all phases of production to ensure that the amount of time taken between the olive being picked from the tree and the extraction of the oil is kept to a minimum. In fact all our olives are pressed within 8 hours of being picked! This means that we can transfer the properties of the olive straight through to the oil.


Technology: Conscious of the importance of adapting to new times, Hacienda Ortigosa utilises market leading technology to produce an oil of the highest quality. Included amongst our inventory is our own estate in La Rioja where we employ the most advanced system of irrigation currently available on the market, warehousing, trujal and market leading technology for the extraction of oil and the latest machinery for harvesting the olives, bottling and acclimatized bodega.


Harvest machinery:Hacienda Ortigosa employs advanced machinery for the care of the olive groves. New Holland Vine Masters are used for the collection of the olives; transportation of the olives and delivery of the oil.


The latest Pieralisi machinery is employed for the extraction of the oil and sophisticated bottling machinery. A stainless steel, acclimatized depository system is used for the storage of the oil.The best techniques taken from previous generations together with the latest technology guarantee the unmistakable flavour of our oil.


The first press is extracted under cold conditions. The extraction process takes place in conditions where the maximum temperature doesn’t exceed 25º'bcC and our oil always comes from the first press. These optimum conditions allow us to conserve the unique properties of the arbequina olive and give our oil its unique flavour and aroma.


Quality any. Hacienda Ortigosa maintains stringent any over all aspects of production. We carry out chemical analysis in our own laboratories to verify the chemical content of our olives including acidity and peroxide content. This chemical analysis allows us to maintain the olives in optimum conditions and gives us a detailed chemical breakdown of each batch.


Product range: Our oil is available in a large range of formats to satisfy the needs of our clients.

The origin of the Hacienda ORTIGOSA extra virgin oil can be found in the olive groves cared by the experts, who look to previous generations for their knowledge. Our ancestors taught subsequent generations to collect the olive at the optimum moment of maturity.
The Hacienda ORTIGOSA extra virgin olive oil is a natural fruit juice, with all the properties and characteristics of the arbequina olive. A fresh, fruity olive, which is green when picked early in the season and wellow-green later on. It is a solid fruit, with “body” and a clean, grassy, herbal aroma. As the olive matures the oil acquires a stronger yellow colouring, and a softer, sweeter flavour.


Superior Olive Oil obtained directly from olives and only through mechanical means.

Product Description

 Our olive oil is potent and made of the finest quality nature has to offer. This precious unrefined, unfiltered, hand-picked, cold-pressed, extra virgin, "liquid gold" has a thick, buttery, yet, smooth, consistency. It makes everything taste better!

An extraordinary extra virgin olive oil, with an acidity of only 0º. In addition, they are kept in optimal conditions, at a stable temperature and without oxygen to guarantee the highest quality until the moment of serving.

User Advices

For dressing cold and hot dishes with a robust structure. Also ideal for medium/long cooking.





Company Information



Vision and values:

HACIENDA ORTIGOSA's vision is to continue to export our products to existing markets and to expand our export business to new ones. Our participation in international food and beverage fairs is an integral part of this vision. We want with continuous anys to improve the quality of our products and to adapt them based on market requirements. This can be achieved through our efforts to innovate at all levels, from the production process and marketing to sales networks and management. Our goal is for our company to be a model production unit for spanish olive oil standardization companies; and to establish itself in the domestic and international olive oil market. The quality of our products, the continuous research for improvement, the respect for the customer and the environment, and our offer to the society, through charitable works are the basic principles and values on which we base the successful course of our company.Our EVOO has a great personality, with a green tone, a high intensity flavour and a bitter touch.




Product Description

definition of high-quality extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). We manufacture Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality from olives harvested directly from the tree sorted by quality at reception. For production of the olive oil, only natural processes are used and the olives are immediately milled to keep the organoleptic characteristics of harvested fruits.The key trademark of this product, is an exceptionally strong flavor. It’s certainly powerful enough to improve the overall taste of just about any food. This olive is native to Spain, and it’s a common part of any Mediterranean diet. But the best thing is, you can get it no matter where you live, and Hacienda Ortigosa is here to ensure that buyers from all over the world can enjoy true high-quality olive oils.

It doesn’t contain any herbicides, pesticides, or insecticides. We only use fertilizers 100% organic and ecologic. It’s a costly choice, but we want to ensure the highest quality and, at the same time, we want to preserve the health of our consumers.Pleasant and delicate spanish olive oil.


 EVOO stands for Extra-Virgin Olive OilEVOO is the fresh squeezed fruit juice obtained from the olive, but not just any juice, but a perfect type with no defects in flavor or aroma, and free from organoleptic defects.

For an extra-virgin olive oil to be classified as “extra”, it has to pass a demanding sensory test by a certified tasting panel as well as a chemical test, in order to guarantee it fulfills the highest quality standards.


It contains large amounts of monounsaturated fats, antioxidants, nutrients, anti-inflammatories and oleic acid. These compounds help any heart disease as well as decrease cholesterol and triglycerides, slowing the visible effects of aging and any free radicals any.Protects memory loss and reduces hypertension. Reinforces the immune system and moistures skin and hair.


• anys cardiovascular disease: fatty acids in virgin olive oil, especially oleic acid, contribute to lower LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol), while increasing HDL (“good” cholesterol), favoring arterial vasodilation, improving blood circulation and any high blood pressure.

• Favors the digestive function and reduces gastric acid secretionprotecting from gastrointestinal diseases.

• Promotes bone development and mineralization.

• Plays a protective role any cellular oxidative stress due to its high content of phenolic antioxidants, such as, vitamin E.

• Helps increase life expectancy.








“We are considered in business as partners instead of providers.”

 So, we try to adapt to your requirements. We are able to offer :

Our goal has always been very clear, to offer our customers the best quality and premium experience in their homes or in our space.

  • We offer the possibility to ship in one container different sizes of product.

  • To work with our brands. 

  • Another service private label (OEM).

  • Tailored products (Special product made according to the requirement of the customer)

  • We product highest quality with excellent standard prices..

  • Shipping fast and reliable from placing the order.

  • Kosher and Halal certificate.

We pay attention to every product detail so the very nature of it is maintained until it reaches the end consumer. After all, we wouldn’t enjoy what we do half as much if we didn’t pass our values on to everyone else; our passion for our local extra virgin olive oil is contagious!. Our local land that is as much mine as it is ours.


Our main objective as a company is to obtain, in a sustainable way, extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.We try to act in consensus with popular wisdom, trying at the same time to incorporate strategies in accordance with new technologies.

Our commitment to quality, innovation, sustainability and dissemination of everything related to the olive are evident in each of the four levers differentials on which our value contributed vertebramos: caring for our trees, our production process, our oils and a unique Hacienda Ortigosa and ambitious in conception of industrial spaces, exhibitions and gastronomic uniquely integrated in rural Navarra.  

We have invested a great deal of time and effort in improving every stage of the farming and the process of produccing olive oil, with an emphasis on taking care of the environment.

We walk among our old olive trees and we look and caress them one by one, so we are able to realize their real needs. We use natural ressources to the full: we let a mantle of herbs, grasses and flowers grow between the rows of olive trees. It fills the soil with nutrients and feeds a large variety of insecs, reptiles and birds which pollinate olive tree flowers and contein plagues. We also use pruning remains as natural fertilizers.

We recicle as much as possible too. These actions are a few examples of our way of farming.Thanks to that, our olive trees are surrounded by a healthy ecosystem which helps us and reduce our intervention to some precise moments. The respect for the environment and the production of the perfect olive juice are the aims of our work.

We are proud of the reults and we think that the freshness and green sublim colour of our olive oils are the reflexion of a well done work.
Our purpose as a  brand, as a company, is to discover to the world the flavors of authenticity and tradition that we have been able to savor and enjoy for generations, those foods unique to our land such as oil, honey, empeltre olives, and that are now at risk of disappearing and being buried in oblivion.

Our goal has always been very clear, to offer our customers the best quality and premium experience in their homes or in our space. As a company, we aim to be proud representants. 


Packaging & Shipping

  Our cruet glass oil bottle is great for any salad dressing.Regarding shipping leads, we assure always a quick safe shipping for our products in order to ensure a satisfactrory service to our customers.


Customized package: according to your request. 


Shipping: sea freight, air freight, door to door by sea or air, express service.


Delivery: about 20~25 days after deposit confirmed


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