Бесщеточный горизонтальный гидроэлектрический генератор возбуждения

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Описание и отзывы


 Brushless excitation horizontal hydroelectric generator set small hydroelectric generator


Product Features:




1, Axial / metal axial pressure - widely used in low-head high-flow rivers;

2, Francis - Francis turbine structure is compact, high efficiency, can adapt to a wide range of head, is widely used in the world one of the turbine type.

3, Tubular - structure similar to the axial flow;

4, Slanting - for high head and small flow of small power plants, compact, no draft tube, can reduce the plant's high head, while reducing the excavation depth to reduce plant construction costs.


The main features of the run-of-river hydroelectric generating set:


1.Pressure inlet, pressure outlet; pipe water, pipe water.

2.Turbine and generator separation, easy maintenance, replacement of wearing parts.

3.Turbine alone 2 bearings, generator 2 bearings, the structure is more reliable.

4.Hydraulic turbine bearings have an independent oil lubrication system, bearing life longer.

5.Hydraulic turbine has axial force balance device, can fully balance the axial force, bearing longer life



ModelELK-3Water head10-60m
Power3kwFlow rate0.007-0.039m3/s
Speed1500rpmMotorbrush induction
Design life span30 yearsWear partsbearing
Turbine inlet pipe dia100mmSuggested turbine dia80-100mm




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