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Product Introduction

18L LPG Propane Gas Hot Water Heater Tankless Instant Boiler Bathroom Shower
This is an upgrade water heater, which uses LPG(Liquid Petroleum Gas) as the energy source. When started, it will supply endless hot water anywhere. With an LED screen and freely adjust the water temperature by gas & water outlet knob. It also includes a gas regulator, hose, shower head kit, and water filter for a better showering experience. Multi-level protection to ensure your safety. It is compact, wall-mount, and cool in look—a must-have home appliance for your room.


· Hot Water Output
· 18 L/min(4.8 GPM)
· Heater Output Power
· 36 KW
· Gas Type
· LPG(Liquid Petroleum Gas);
· Gas Pressure
· 2800 Pa
· Water Temperature
· 50 °F -140 °F(10℃-60℃)
· Water Connect
· G1/2";
· Rubber Gas Hose
· φ 0.79"
· Suitable Water Pressure
· 0.02 MPA-0.8 MPA
· Starting Pressure
· 0.015 MPA
· Exhaust Way
· Open & Force Flue Exhaust Type
· Discharge Ways
· Flue Automatic Gas Discharge
· Ignition
· 2pcs 1.5V D-Type Batteries (not included)

Features and Details

【UPGRADE & SUPERB DEVICES】- Power: 36 KW; Hot Water Output: 18 L/min(4.8 GPM); Gas Supply: LPG(Liquid Petroleum Gas); Water Temperature: 50 °F -140 °F; This tankless water heater propane is made of stainless steel case and inner copper devices, making it anti-rust, high-temperature resistant, no water leakage, and durable. It comes with a portable gas regulator, a water filtration device, and a shower head kit.
【6-IN-1 SECURE PROTECTIONS】- The propane water heater is equipped with six protection ways to ensure your security on the shower, such as over 75 ℃(167 °F) protection, low water flow protection, anti-frozen protection, over water pressure protection, no flame protection, 20min timer, etc. No need to worry about any unexpected flame out or cold days.
【EFFORTLESS CONTROL】- You can adjust the water temperature by rotating the panel's gas & water knobs.  Switch the summer/winter mode to change the fire row amount, and save 40% gas in your bill. The combustion device will reach ≥80.8% thermal efficiency to save 11.5% energy. Start at a 0.015 MPA low water pressure; normal working pressure is 0.02 MPA-0.8 MPA.
【WALL-MOUNT & DETAILS】- This gas water heater is light-weight & portable to be installed on the wall, tree, or outside the RV for space-saving. High-quality devices are used in this product like copper standard G1/2" hose connectors, gas emission tube, and copper water tank. Ignite the heater with 2 "D"cell batteries. No pilot light is needed.
【DIVERSIBLE USE SCENARIOS】-  CE test passed, fast to heat, this propane hot water heater is perfect for showering, pet washing, outdoor cleaning, camping and trip road, etc. Provide you with endless hot water, especially in winter or cold places. Instant, constant hot water, enjoy a comfortable showering at any time & any location.


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