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Product Description

Flexible Metal Hose
Metal hose assemblies are often used where rubber, plastic, PTFE, or other types of hose ducts are unsuitable. Reinforced corrugated metal hose provides for the transfer of liquids or gases, and is engineered to handle extreme temperature and pressure.
Metal hose may be appropriate where other types of hoses are not, such as the transfer of extremely high temperature liquids or gases or transferring extremely cold (cryogenic) liquids.

Annual Wave Corrugated Hose 
Sizes range from 1/2 inch to 24”. special size is available on special request.
1.Stainless steel hose and braid
2.Annual corrugations
3.Standard /wide close pitch option
4.Available with a wide choice of welded end-fittings

Tube: Stainless steel inner corrugated hose (SS 3xx series)
Cover (mesh): High tensile steel wire braids (SS 3xx series).
Temperature: -196 °C to +420 °C
Wave option 
Annular /Spiral  corrugations
Picth Option
Material Option
SUS304 SUS316
Size Option
1/2 to 24 inch 
Fitting Option
 Available with a wide choice of welded end-fittings



More Options

Corrugated /wire braided Metal Hose 
Tube: Stainless steel inner corrugated hose (SS 3xx series)
Cover (mesh): High tensile steel wire braids (SS 3xx series).
Temperature: -196 °C to +420 °C

Metal Hose with Flange End
Stainless steel wire braided
High/low temperature resistance Corrosion resistance, Good flexiblity

Flexible Metal Hose with Fittings 
Inner: Corrugated metal hose
Cover: Stainless steel wire braided
Ends fittings: Optional upon your request

PTFE LINED Metal Hose 
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is an engineered fluoropolymer, outstanding resistance to chemicals is one of the primary attributes. The temperature range is -500C to +210C making this product suitable for the majority of fluid and ambient temperature conditions found in different industries

Hengshui XinChi Hose Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in Hengshui city, Hebei,China. Founded in 1990, we have more than 300 employees, 100 professional technicians, including 30 senior technicians. The company has adopted advanced technologies for the designs, our products covers virtually every application and industry.

Our products breadth supports general industrial distributors and manufacturers. The main products we offer to you are all series of rubber hoses, flexible metal hoses, PTFE Lined metal hoses, metallic&non-metallic compensator, polyurethane, expansion joint of every type, high pressure hydraulic hoses , armored insulation hose and fittings. Most products have plenty in stock. If it’s not in stock, we can make it including complete, custom hose components for OEMS. Our traditional lineup of hoses products were geared to heavy industries such as as steel making, petrochemical, pulp and paper, mining, marine, construction, agriculture, food processing, textile, communication and manufacturing.

XINCHI products are analyzed for quality assurance and specifications at many points of the manufacturing process to insure that we ship the very best finished products to our customers. In addition, we perform hydraulic pressure testing and impulse testing to ensure that our products perform to rated specifications.

XINCHI is committed to enhancing the quality of every product we manufacture through continual process improvements. The XINCHI Quality Team critically evaluates every stage of production, testing and packaging. Our goal is to deliver a product that exceeds our customers’expectations.

Hengshui XinChi Hose Manufacturing Co., Ltd is growing fast since the date of established, following strict management methods and measures for its development of rubber industry sector, the company will continue adhering to the tenet of ” Quality First, Contributing to the society”. We have been supplying the advanced products and professional service to the industries since 1990.
The products are exported to many countries such as Germany,UK, Russia,Vietnam,Pakistan,Egypt, America,Thailand,Kuwait, Malaysia.

Choose XINCHI, your one stop supplier for hose and flexible connectors.


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