Новейшая технология авиационный алюминий 15 кВт водонагреватель мгновенного (1600803427316)

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Popular 9KW-15KW-18KW Newest technology high  Water flow Tankless water heater,instant water heater



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Product Features:

1. Inductive touch screen, high-definition LED display, clearer and more power-saving.
2. Large amount of water, that is, hot type heating, greater water output.
3. 6KW-8KW-12K-15KW-27KW high power, 3S instant heat, no need to wait for a bath.
4. Small and easy to install.
5, 6 major protective measures, IPX5 waterproof, create a safe shower, rest assured to use.

Product parameters:
Heating power: 15KW
working voltage: 220-240V
Size: 395x255x65mm
Net: 3.5KG_20230403155252.jpg_20230403155258.jpg_20230403155301.jpg_20230403155305.jpg_202304031553012.jpg_20230403155218.jpg_20230403155221.jpg_20230403155227.jpg_20230403155231.jpg_20230403155234.jpg_20230403155234.jpg_20230403155237.jpg_20230403155241.jpg_20230403155244.jpg_20230403155247.jpg_20230403155313.jpg_20230403155316.jpg_20230403155319.jpg_20230403155322.jpg_20230403155325.jpg

International leading technology .

Microcrystalline thin electric membrane technology, nanoscale materials, electric conversion rate of over 99%.Moreover, environmental protection, rapid, for the latest generation of electric heating conversion materials.


Intelligent control system .

Master according to their own personal laws, through the micro computer control display terminal, set up different room temperature, open time, running time, etc.. Truly, my temperature, I call the shots.


 Excellent craftsmanship .

All products are built by high quality aluminum alloy, using tensile aluminum casting and superb technology, and with JANKUN independently developed heat exchange technology. The appearance of all the effort to build a European designer, to bring world-class households in China fashion tastes and product quality 


Crystallite Film .

Scientific name”SnO2 film”,Because of its high light transmission properties,Also known as transparent heating film,It is the use of chemical vapor deposition,Spray Pyrolysis,Ion sputtering,Evaporation coating process,In the glass, mica, ceramics and other high temperature insulating surface to generate substantially conductive thin film doped semiconductor nano material.SnO 2 film With high hardness, high transmittance, high electrical conductivity, high temperature thermal stability and excellent physical and chemical properties,Widely used in the aerospace, defense, electronics industry household appliances, photovoltaic cells, LSI substrates, thin film resistor heating element, optical instruments, sensors."Silicon" and "carbon crystal" Compared to other low-temperature heating film,Crystallite Film has an unparalleled advantage in security, temperature resistance and stability




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