Для VESPA SPRINT 150 PRIMAVERA Аксессуары для мотоцикла двойная вспышка предупреждающий контроллер указатель поворота мигающий выключатель света (1600817370245)

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Modified double flasher [4 turn lights can flash at the same time]
Turning lights are preferred, no need to replace the original car switch, in-line installation.
Installation: Find the switch plug on the left handle, pull it out and plug it in on both sides.



Double flashes refer to the front and rear direction lights flashing at the same time, playing a warning role. It is a necessary product for night driving, formation travel, rain and fog driving.
Double flash: Four turning lights are flashing at the same time. Use in the evening, rainy day, wind dust, wind and snow, foggy day, group riding or parking to improve safety.


1. LED lights and halogen lights can be used. When there is no LED light steering priority, there is also astigmatism on the other side. And it is a fixed flickering frequency.

2. There is no need to install a double flash switch, you can turn on and off quickly and then return to the position to switch or turn off the double flash. (A lighted double flash switch can be optional), and some models support the original car double flash switch.

3. Using high-power solid-state relay, there is no phenomenon that the flasher of the original car does not move.

4. With the mode memory function, after the key door is closed in the double flash mode, it is still in the double flash mode when it is opened.

5. The controller adopts microcomputer controller, full chip integrated circuit, and is glued and waterproof

The sequence of the 5 double flash modes is as follows:
1. Left flash followed by right flash
2. Flash together left and right
3. Alternate left and right flashes
4. The breathing light flashes
5. Ordinary double flash

How to use:

1.Turn on the double flash, pull left or right, and then quickly return (not more than 1.5 seconds).

2.Turn off the double flash, pull left or right, and then return quickly (not more than 1.5 seconds).

Note: Some models that support the original car's double flash switch do not need this step

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