Древесная домастическая горелка для опилок биомассы (1600824880132)

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The biomass pellet fuel enters the high-temperature cracking semi-gasification combustion chamber through the automatic feeding system, while the gasifier is supplied from the lower part of the furnace, and the high-temperature cracking reaction occurs rapidly in the high-temperature cracking gasification combustion chamber to produce high-temperature gas.Sensible heat and combustible components such as H2, CH4, CnHm and CO are produced in the process.Through the gas nozzle directly into the oxygen-rich high temperature combustion chamber to completely burn, giving off "latent heat"

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Simple operation: automatic feeding, simple operation, small workload.
Easy maintenance: automatic feeding, wind dust removal, simple operation, small workload, single duty can be.
Scope of application: suitable for electroplate factory drying pipeline, oven, boiler, die casting machine, industrial furnace, drying equipment, drying equipment and other heating equipment supporting and energy-saving transformation.

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