Беспроводной смарт термометр 196 футов термометр для приготовления мяса с синим зубом кухни (1600836655143)

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BFhome(iOS&Android APP)
Wireless range
Battery Type
li-on 500mAh(Dock)
Probe Working Time
Probe Material
1-100 °C/33-212°F ± 1%

1.Docking: Receives the temperature signal from the probe and transmits it to the smart device and display, It also serves as a power source to charge the probe.
2.Probe: Inserted into meat and measures the internal temperature .
3.Probe Battery: When thedocking detects that the probe is in the charger, the docking displays "Charge it 2 Min"
4.Docking Battery Power Indicator: When the display battery icon is low on power, indicates that the docking is low on power and needs to be charged. 5. Connection Indicator: If the probe loses connection to the docking, it will sound an alarm,Press the power button and the alarm will be released.
6. Probe Safety Wire: The probe must be inserted beyond the safety line on the probe,avoid damage to the probe.
7.Power Button Button: The power button is not only used to turn on and off the docking, but also to click to lift the alarm sound.
8.Sensors: Temperature sensors can monitor internal meat temperature up to212°F(100°C).

Company Profile

Shenzhen Lankexun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
BFOUR is a cross-border trading company integrating design, R&D and sales. Through excellent product quality, exquisite product design, efficient technology and logistics service support, BFOUR has satisfied many customers' pursuit of high-quality brands.
BFOUR was established in 2013, focusing on the manufacturing and sales of three products: Smart barbecue thermometer, digital food thermometer and indoor temperature and humidity meter.
We always pays attention to providing users with the latest technology and best human-machine interaction industrial products. More accurate, better vision, smarter APP Meat Meter, Indoor Hygrometer.
In the past few years, we have provided services to hundreds of customers. Successfully entered and stabilized the cooperation in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia markets.

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Why Choose Us

1. Our company is a Bluetooth solution company established in 2013. It is a product development and design company, which is different from traditional factories.
2. Since 2018, we have been making Bluetooth meat thermometers and indoor and outdoor
temperature and humidity meters. The products with model BF-5 in the store are those that have won the Red Dot Award. We attach great importance to product design and user experience.
3. Our company has been selling our products on Amazon platforms in Europe and North America since 2018, Our products are directly oriented to consumers, so the requirements for quality will be higher.
4. Our products all have their own intellectual property rights, and we support ODM and OEM.
5.Our products have been well received by consumers in various countries.



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