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RoHS 2.0 ESD Rubber Mat


Product name  Anti-static rubber mat
Material  Natural Rubber,Nitrile Rubber
Color  Green,Blue,Grey
Width  0.6m,0.8m,1.0m,1.2m
Finish  Shiny or Dull











1) material: rubber, 2 layers 
2) anti-distortion, long life quality 
3) surface resistance: 10^7 - 10^9 ohm 


Rubber ESD mat is produced by nitrile - butadiene rubber, special prescription and produce technology with best performance of antistatic, moderate hardness and high tensile strength, No smell and good abrasion resistance, oil resistant and elasticity.Apply for the industrial of electronic, textile, printing and dyeing and other place with same or higher request.


Quality dissipative mats are designed to harmlessly drain charges from personnel, tote boxes, component etc. It is lie flat-will not cart and not affected by humidify and superior resistance to abrasion, chemicals and heart resistant easy to clean and maintain








                    Anti-static rubber slab is widely used in electronic,textile,dyeing and printing industry,

                   military enterprises,petroleum,chemical,metallurgy and other economic fields


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