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Crinkle Filler Paper Shredder Machine Confetti Cut Machinery Raffia Shredder Crinkle Straight Paper Strips Cutting Shredder Machine Kraft paper shred filler tissue


Description of Crinkle Paper Shredder Machine Raffia Shredder

    The Raffia Shredder machine can shredder the paper to thin piece of paper. After it can use for the different product packing. Color paper shredder is designed and manufactured in our factory.It can cut both crinkle and straight. It is suitable for making box filler for gift packing such as beer, liquor, red wine, perfume, valuables, metal ornaments, all kinds of metal and other accessories.

    There are 2 different models of machine, one model is for cutting crinkle strip paper, another model is for cutting straight strip paper.

Structure of Crinkle Straight Paper Strips Cutting Machine

Application of Crinkle Filler Paper Cut Paper Shredding Machine


Parameter of Crinkle cut kraft paper shred filler tissue

Cutting width2-4mm2-4mm3mm
ApplicationGift package, Box filler maker

Details of Crinkle Cut Paper Shredder

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Pictures of Crinkle Paper Shred Filler Shredder

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Service before sale

24 hours online to answer questions that you want to know(Whatsapp, wechat, QQ, Skype, Trade Manager, etc), or  you can send email to my email, I will give you a satisfying answer.

Service on sale

1.To provide customers with the new and high quality animal feed pellet machine.
2.Provide pictures that the customer desired about the animal feed pellet machine during production, in the warehouse and before transport.
3.Payment is determined by both parties.
4.Customers to choose the mode of transport.

After-sales services

We offer one year warranty for the whole machine except easy broken parts, Providing the spare parts with favorable price all the time 24 hours online service.


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