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Product Overview

Reversible Air to water heat pump
Monchrui air to water heat pump uses free energy from outside air as main energy source for space cooling space heating and domestic hot water heating

SCOP at 35°C leaving water temperature up to 4.97
COP at 35°C leaving water temperature up to 5.06
· 60°C hot water is guaranteed (outdoor temperature>-15°C)
Wde heating operation range(ambient temperature: -25°C~35°C)
Built-in expansion vessel, flow switch, safety vavle for easy installation
5-inch colorful controler with full touch screen
Refrigerant cooling for compressor driver module
Double EEV design for better heating under low outdoor temperature
Max. 8 units connectable into one system for larger capacity demands

Products Description

The new generation reversibe air-to-water monobloc series provides heating, cooling and domestic hot water for home. It has higher effciency and can help users save the operating costs.

UItimate Comfort
High leaving water temperature High leaving water temperature of 60°C is guaranteed without using a backup heater when the outdoor temperature is
higher than -15°C.

2 zone control
When there are different room temperature requirements, two zone temperature control through separate heating or cooling circuits is possible. Adjust and maintain two different water temperatures to achieve intelligent control and saving energy.

Fast DHW
The HE series produts have fast DHW function. When Fast DHW is activated, the electrical heater in the domestic water tank will be activated at the same time together heat pump in order to reach DHW setting point as soon as possible,which will not affected by outdoor ambient temperature and compressor running time.

Super Convenience
Climate curves
Through climate curvefunction,Zone 1 and Zone 2 temperatures can be automatically controled based on the outdoor ambient temperature. A personalized climate curve can designed through setting the outdoor ambient temperature and leaving water temperature. It willbe more comfortable and energy-savng.
Users can directly turn on the sterlization function, and set the date and time on the controler. The water of the domestic water tank can be auto matically heated to 75℃ to kill the legionnella at fixed periods. During the process of sterilzation, the controller screen will display the icon to remind users that the system is conducting sterilization.
Note: Only when the electric heaterin the domestic water tank is allowed be controlled by Monchrui unit
Check error information
When error occurs, the service man can not only check the current errors, but also the historical error records, which is convenient for fast trouble shooting
Check system parameters
Many important parameters about the system can be check throughthe 'System Status'function, including the system parameters, indoor unit parameters and outdoor units parameters. These parameters are helpful for service man to diagnose the system
Auto mode
Under Auto mode, the cool mode and heat mode can be automatcally converted according to the outdoor ambient temperature. There is no need to manually set the heat pump operating mode,which is very convenient for the users.

Easy 3rd party BMS solution
The unit integrates the MODBUS RTU communication protocol, can be connected to 3rd party BMS or BAS directly, no additional Modbus gateway needed.
Wide Application
Capacity range from 4kW to 19kW, Monchrui Super Aqua is suitable for both residences and small-sized commercial application scenarios. Small-capacity units are applied mainly in newly built residential buildings with their improved
insulation materials whilst. Medium-capacity products are mainly used for refurbishments. Big-capacity products can be installed n small-sized commercial applications,such as Café, restaurant, hair salons and so on.

Easy control
Easy control
Thereis a 5-inch colorful controller. for HE series lt can be easily operated through the touch screen and intuitive icons.
Cascade control
Max8units can be combined in onesystem to suitable for larger capacity demands
High Reliability
Intelligent anti-freezing technology
The HE series adopts the anti-freezing logic:Waterpumpwillturnon when watertempeiature below5℃,And whenthe
water temperature is below 5℃ for more than 10 minutes,the heat pumpisturned on

Before floor heating. ifalarge amount of water remans on the floor, the floor may be warped or even ruptured during floor heating operation, in order to protect the foor, floor drying is necessary, during which the temperature of the floor should be increased gradually
Anti-rust and corrosion of water pump
The HE and EN series heat pump has water pump anti-corroson function. The water pump will automatically run 60s without any working within 24h, as the following curve shows and conduct one circulation per 24h.
Wide operation range
The operating outdoor ambient temperature of the heating modeisa slow as-25℃.

Based on the signal from power grid company, the outdoor unit will adjust the capacity output.
Scheduling programs
User scan create schedule programs, including naming the programs, timer on/off operation, mode selection, lead temperature setting and the frequency etc. Once the schedule program is set, the system will run according the pre-set program automatically.
Bivalent connection
When the systems combined with aboiler, the 'bivalent connection' can be set by the controller. When bivalent connection is turned on,the heat pump will have full control of allaspects of the system and will run the boiler when required, depending on system design and settngs.
When bivalent connection is turned off, both boiler and heatpump conduct automatic control.

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About Us

Shenzhen Monchrui Industrial Development Co., Ltd.As the member of HongKong Monchrui International Group in Mainland China, which was established in response to the "Belt and Road" and "Industrial Power" initiative in 2015, and the team with more than 15 years experience in HVAC field.The company is located in Shenzhen, China's high and new technology development and innovation forefront , mainly engaged in high quality and energy-saving HVAC products & accessories research & development, manufacturing, sales, application and professional service, and also is the communication platform between China and International market in this field business.Mission: Provide maximum value added service for our customers, to help our customers be more successful!Vision: Become a well-known international HVAC system solution enterprise.Position: One-stop professional HVAC system solution provider!

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