Сделано в Китае здоровый и вкусный FD сладкий апельсиновый фруктовый чайСделано (1600890629866)

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Products Description


Freeze Dried Fruit Tea
Passion fruit, kumquat, lemon, honey, rock sugar etc.
Sweet, sour, fruit fragrance
How to eat
Boil at 10 ° C - 50 ° C water and add ice cubes
Drying Process
 Freeze vacuum dry technology
Shelf Life
2 years
At cool and dried place
Max. Moisture (%)

Product Details

Company Profile

29 high standard production lines
Professional R & D Team, newly developed products have become popular products in the industry
Perfect quality management, complete certificate, export worry-free

One of the aviation food suppliers
Take samples for free, One-to-one service

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Automatic packaging
Storage Warehouse
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Freeze-dried products Q&A

1.What are freeze-dried products?
Answer: Freeze-dried food is quick-frozen, vacuum ice-like, and the water is directly sublimated and dehydrated, preserving the original color, aroma, taste, nutrients and original materials
It has a good appearance, good rehydration, and does not contain any additives. It is an ideal natural and hygienic food.

2. What are the advantages of freeze-dried products?
Answer: Freeze-dried products have the advantages of small size, easy storage, transportation and long fixed period. Freeze-drying technology can effectively protect the color, aroma, taste and nutritional content of food, and can safely and effectively extend the shelf life of food without using additives.

3. Why is freeze-dried food more expensive?
Answer: Due to its very little moisture, a pound of freeze-dried products normally requires 10 pounds or more of fresh fruit to process. The production process is complex and requires more manpower and material resources.

4. How to keep freeze-dried products fresh ?
①Before unpacking - normal temperature, lucifugal, moisture content reduced
②After unpacking - low temperature, lucifugal, moisture content reduced, And take it ASAP.

5. Why is it easy to absorb moisture and soften after opening?
Answer: Because the water content of the freeze-dried product is ≤5%, the taste is crispy. After unpacking, the freeze-dried product will be easily returned to normal temperature after a while.
The tide softens until the whole thing becomes soft like cotton candy. At this time, it is not crispy, so please open the bag and eat it immediately for the freshest.

6. Why is the freeze-dried product said to be aerospace grade?
Answer: freeze-dried products. It is light in weight. Earlier, it was eaten by astronauts when they went to space, and it was used to replace. Fresh fruit to supplement related.


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