Аппарат для точечной сварки аккумуляторов мощностью 811 ч 42 кВт 7000 А максимальная Сварка 0 45 мм медь литий ремонта новых энергетических транспортных (1600892061825)

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811H energy storage battery spot welding machine 42KW 7000A max weld 0.45mm copper lithium for repairing new energy vehicles


Product Description

This 811H energy storage spot welding machine is an upgraded version of 811A, with a power output of 42KW and 7000A, which is larger than 811A. It has dual functions of battery spot welding, testing the resistance of connecting pieces, and welding point conductivity. The thickest spot welding can be 0.45mm copper pieces, and is specifically used for repairing large single battery packs such as new energy vehicles, outdoor power supplies, and electric motorcycles.


Applicable materials and thickness

(1) Spot welding of 0.5mm pure copper with copper electrode (with flux)

(2) Aluminum nickel composite sheet: 0.4mm

(3) Pure nickel: 0.7mm

(4) Nickel plating: 0.8mm


major function

1. Spot welding;

2. Battery connector resistance test


Suitable for battery type

1. Lithium iron phosphate copper electrode;

2. Lithium iron phosphate battery (0.3mm pure nickel direct spot welding aluminum electrode).






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811H 39KW:




811H  42KW:



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