Шинные обогреватели комплект гоночных 120/200 120/190 120/160 120/180 с 110 В/220 В мотоциклетные шины для супербайка 12 (1600917084940)

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Tyre heater Racing tire warming heater | Motorcycle tire warming heater | Racing tire heating sleeve | Tire compensation heater

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Advantages of tire heaters


1. The tire warmer produced by our company has fast heating speed, uniform heating, and high thermal efficiency.


2. Reaching the required tire heating temperature of 70-80 degrees Celsius with less power and less time.


3. The surface is made of waterproof and UV resistant high-quality fabric, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, and is durable.


4. Unique process design ensures uniform surface adhesion and prevents heat loss.


5. Equipped with a temperature limiting protector design, with a temperature heating indicator light display.


6. Cooperate with the use of independent temperature control external design.


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