JL3 бренд E 304 Электрический диспенсер для крафт бумаги Ширина Макс 76 мм длина макс 200 электрическая водяная активированная лентаJL3 (1600924556317)

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E-304H (Electric)
Wet Water Kraft Tape Cutter

Fine Scales to Save Your Tape

The E-304H is a Safe, Reliable, Intelligent and Easy to Use Water-Activated Tape Dispenser of Electric Type. It Has 12
Preset Tape Lengths on The Dial with Graduated Gauge Spacing in 0.5" and 25mm, While Other Similar Products on the Market are in
1" Increments. E-304H is Applicable to 100V-240V Voltage and is not Limited by International and Regional Voltage. It Has
Been Unanimously Recognized by Customers all Over the World.

Equipment Model
Type of Equipment
With or Without Heater
Battery Capacity / Ma
Slitting length / CM
No limit
Film width in / mm
Roll diameter / mm
Cutting speed In/s
Water tank capacity / L
Wet water brushes / sets
Working voltage / V
Working frequency / Hz
Net product weight / KG
Gross product weight / KG
Product specification / mm
510 x 252 x 266
Package size / mm
562 x 317 x 302

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Carton Packaging
Each Machine Is Packed in a Cardboard Box, and We Will Install Crash-Resistant Foam Inside The Box to Ensure That The Machine Arrives to You In Perfect Condition.

Company Profile & Exhibiton

About Us
Jialong Adhesive Tape (JL3) Company Was Founded in 2005, Shanghai,China. It is A Recognized Leading Industrial Tape Solution Provider in The Development, Manufacture and Sale of A Variety of Kraft Paper and Water-Activated Tapes, and Specialized Filament Tapes and Corollary Tape Machinery. JL3 Is a National High Tech Corporation and Always Focusing on The R&D of Product. Well-Designed JL3 Products Including Corollary Equipment Are Always Gained Popularity in The International Tape Market Since The Day JL3 Was Established. Our Products Have Been Widely Used in The Fields of Aerospace, Automobile, Infrastructure Construction, Power Cables Bundling , Pipeline Equipment, Home Appliances, Logistics, Heavy Objects Packaging and so on. in Order to Expand lts Production Capacity, JL3 Relocated Its Production Base From Shanghai to Fujian Province in 2015. Thus, Its Factory Site Has Been Expanded to a Larger Scale of 538,196 Square Feet.

The Planning Artwork of Our Fujian Factory
This is The Planning Artwork of Our Fujian Factory, Covering an Area of Over 377,000 Square Feet with More Than 10 Production Lines, Fujian Factory Was Built In The Year of 2015. The Estimated Annual Production Output Would Reach 150 Million Us Dollars. As You Might Know, It Will Go Through About 7 Procedures to Produce Our Products. First Is Releasing, and Then, Pe Coating, The Next Step is Laminating, Next, Glue Coating, and Converting, Cutting or Slitting, Finally, Packaging. Our Workshop No.3 Is Used As Releasing and Pe Coating Center. The Laminating and Coating Process Will Be Finished in Our No.2 Workshop. The Glue is Also Produced on The Second Floor of This Workshop. All The Products Will Be Cut and Packed in No.1 Workshop and Loading in This Place. No.5 Workshop is Used to Produced Our Kraft Paper Tape Specially. No.4 Workshop is Our Warehouse. It’s Form Into a Systematic Production Procedure and Improve The Production Efficiency Further.

Fujian Jialong Adhesive Tape Co.,Ltd. - Hearquarter in Zhangzhou, Fujian, China.

Shanghai Jialong Fiber Tape Co.,Ltd. - Our Factory in Shanghai, China. 

Our History
We have more than 15 years experience in the manufacturing of adhesive tapes. We are the leading manufacturer of gummed paper tapes and filament tapes in China.

Establishment: Shanghai Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. Mill area: 3,229 sq.ft2
Factory area increased to: 16,145 sq.ft2
Upgraded to an ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturer
Name changed to: Shanghai Jialong Adhesive Tape Co., Ltd.
Factory area: 86,111 sq.ft2
Constructed new modernized production base in Fujian
Named as: Fujian Jialong Adhesive Tape Co., Ltd.
Production base occupies 538,195 sq.ft2
Established Kingnode America Inc. in the USA.

Our Marketing Network and Locations
Our Tapes Are Widely Spread Over More Than 40 Countries. We Are Supplier of Many Big Brands Worldwide. Our Amount of Exports Takes Up One Third of Our Total Sales Volume and Our Main Overseas Market is in North and South America and Southeast Asia.

We are Grateful for The Past Years and Have Great Ambitions and Strong Belief for The Future. We Support Each Other Just Like a Harmonious Family.

We Attend the Overseas Trade Fairs Such as PACK EXPO Every Year.


ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, IATF 16949 
National High-Tech Enterprise 
RoHS / SGS / Various of National Patents
We Think Highly of Our Products Quality, Because in The Light of Our Experience, Only By Producing Good Quality Products, Can We Maintain Our Customers in The Long Run. And That’s The Only Way to Make Us Have a Constant and Steady Progress During The Past Years.


Q1: Why do You Choose Us?

1) Fully Automated Highly Standard Production Lines to Produce High Quality and Low Price Products.
2) One of The Largest Manufacturer of Filament Tape and Kraft Paper Tape in China.
3) Extensive Research and Development Capabilities.
4) Your Inquiries or Complaints will be Replied within 24 Hours.

Q2: What’s Your Regular Payment Terms?

1) 30% or 50% Deposit, The Balance Against The Copy of B/L at Sight.
2) 30% or 50% Deposit, The Balance By L/C at Sight.
3) 100% T/T.

Q3: What’s Your Shipment Methods?

By Sea, By Air, or By Courier Express Such as DHL / Fedex / TNT etc.

If You Have Further Questions, You Can Send Us an Enquiry

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