Полностью Автоматическая 1880 кухонное бумажное полотенце и машина для производства туалетной бумаги ценаПолностью (1600930392549)

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Full Automatic 1880 Kitchen Paper Towel and Toilet Tissue Paper Making Machine Price

Automatic Slitting Rewinder
50-80 Meters/Min
380V 50HZ, 7.5KW
Base Paper Roll
Finished Product Diameter
Max. 400mm
Base Paper
Punching Knife
13 Punching Knives
Drilling Pitch
Air Supply: 0.45Mpa-0.6Mpa
Machine Size
Machine Weigh

Product Features

1. Equipment working process: unwinding, punching, slitting, counting and rewinding.

2. Feeding part: equipped with a set of pneumatic automatic feeding device; Equipped with 76mm diameter air expansion shaft unwinding, magnetic powder motor tension control device and a set of synchronous belt conveyor.

3. Traction part: steel pair rubber roller synchronous conveying device is used, which can be pneumatically clutch to facilitate threading.

4. Point breaking part: adopt spiral winding, and the winding distance is adjustable. Adopt servo control to control the winding distance, and set the winding distance to be infinitely extended.

5. Slitting part: 13 sets of air top knives and hard bottom rollers are used for slitting.

6. Coiling part: double rollers with air expansion shaft 76mm coiling, and coiling pressing cylinder with adjustable pressure.

Full Automatic Band Saw Cutting Machine
40-130 Cut/Min
Power Supply
380V 50Hz, 11Kw
Base Paper Roll Length
Paper Cutting Diameter
Paper Cutting Length
Air Supply
PLC Brand
Machine Weight

Product Features
1. Servo system accurate feeding, vertical tolerance and length error of paper cutting less than or equal to 1mm.

2. The whole machine is centrally controlled by PLC, and the incision is flat and beautiful.

3. Adopt man-machine interface interactive operation, servo control cutting length, frequency conversion speed regulation.

4. Reserve the interface between pre-processing machinery and packaging machine to form a full-automatic packaging production line.

Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine (With Labeling Function)
30-150 Bags/min
Packing Machine Power
220V 50Hz, 3.6kw
Shrinking Machine Power
380V 50Hz, 16.5kw
Package Size
Film Type
PVC, PCF and Other Shrinkable Films
Packing Machine Dimensions
Shrinking Machine Dimensions
Machine Weight

Main Features
■ single or arbitrary package.

■ anti cutting safety clutch device, without damaging the package.

■ add waste recycling device to make the packaging more beautiful, saving about 3% - 10% material than traditional packaging machine

■ color touch screen control system, easy operation and beautiful appearance; PLC control makes the system more stable, reliable and low failure rate; Bag length, speed and temperature can be adjusted independently, which is convenient and accurate.

■ it can be equipped with a code printer or a printer, without the need for manual operation.

■ with motor brake control, the equipment is sensitive.

■ high efficiency double temperature zone, high efficiency hot air circulation and automatic temperature control of the heat shrinking furnace ensure the shrinkage quality.

Label Feeding Device

Speed: Max.650pcs/min.
Label Length: 50-300mm
Label Width: 110-300mm
Label Thich: 0.1-3.0mm
Power: 450W
Voltage: 220V 50Hz
Control: PLC+Servo motor
Machine Dimension: 620*670*700mm
Machine Weight: 35kg

Full Automatic 1880 Kitchen Paper Towel and Toilet Tissue Paper Making Machine Price

Full Automatic 1880 Kitchen Paper Towel and Toilet Tissue Paper Making Machine Price


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