220 В 300 Вт заводская цена водная турбина мини гидрогенератор

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220v 300w  Factory price water turbine mini hydroelectric generator hydroelectric generator



1.Directly supply power to electrical appliances that can  use 220v AC and consume less than 300w.

2.Ware tube generators hace different water pressure and power generation.The maximum power is 300 meets the requirements.

3.Main function:Charge the battery and electonic products through the charger.



1.The 220v alternating current generated by the hydroelectirc device can'tve directly appliced to the mobile phone and lithium battery products to connect the external wire of the hydroelectric generator to the socket and then insert it into the mobile phone for charging to charge.

2.The power of the generator is 300w, the actyual power generation depends on yhour water pressure,and the water pressure depends on your water droplets.

3.The power of the generator depends on the drop height. The drop should be at least 10 merters or more.The heighter the drop, the higher the water pressure and the higher the power.THis is based on vertical gradients.Their lengths are not used as a reference.The key is to  look at your vertical height.

4.Don't spray water on the generator head.The generator head should be keot free of water. If the generator sprays water,wrap the water spray area.The machine head should be kept dry,and it is strictly forbidden to spray water on the machine head.



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