Складная ванна снаружи для летней надувной ванны со льдом портативная Ванна из ПВХ 75*75 см оптовая продажа с (1600937149793)

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* OPTIMIZE THE RECOVERY EXPERIENCE IN THE ICE BATH :Size of the ice bathtub:31.5 x 27.5 inches, which provides plenty of space for people. This cold plunge tub can be quickly installed by adding cold water and ice to provide athletes and fitness enthusiasts with effective ice bath recovery after high-intensity workouts and competitions. B&Y's inflatable ice bath provides athletes with a great ice bath recovery experience.
* LONG SUSTAINING temp SPREE :The portable ice bath is designed with 2 layers of extra-thick PVC and 3 layers of temp locking layer, which can maintain 85% temp for up to 2 hours at normal room temp. The durable PVC material makes it possible to withstand water temp from -50℉ to 122℉. With our foldable ice bathtub, people can enjoy a more effective and long-lasting ice bath and hot bath experience.
* PRIVATE RELAXED SPA :This portable tub is a private spa in your home, providing a comfortable resting area for men and women in small bathrooms or showers. Works like a single hot tub, bathtub, ice bath, or even a portable outdoor tub. The folding ice bathtub is lightweight and portable, quick to install. Perfect for travel, hotel, outdoor, and RV shower use.
* EASY TO USE : This inflation bathtub can be installed quickly and is easy to clean after use, just turn on the faucet and the bottom drain to drain the water easily. Six sturdy support bars, an inflatable top ring for neck support, and a water-filled
cushion provide extra comfort during ice bathing. Whether you are showering at home or relaxing on vacation, our portable ice tub is the perfect solution.

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Sourcing and Dropshipping Services

What we can do
An agent will handle your supply chain in china from the beginning to the end, or any part of them, as listed:
- Product Sourcing: Check the product you demanded on 1688.com according to the photos or links.
- Quotation: Quote to you in text or excel/pdf in time.
- Purchasing: Buy the products from the 1688 suppliers on your behalf.
- Quality Control: Arrange the sample inspection or bulk order inspection as required.
- Stock Control: Update the stock level to you to ensure all the skus are available.
- Branding and Repacking: Give customization suggestion and arrange the production if necessary.
- Packing and Delivery: Well organized warehousing makes sure right product/package being delivered.

Store Integration
Use app to connect to your store for automatical fulfillment.

We use some apps to connect to stores on Shopify and many other platforms, such as Etsy, BigCommerece, Woocommerce, Ebay, Amazon, Lazada, etc. The integration will be usually done with one of the options below:

1) Full Access: You need to set up a full access account on your store and then we will install the app.
2) No Full Access: You can download the app and install by yourself. Though the app is in Chinese, you can do the connection with help from google.

Transparent Cost
We require all the cost to be listed clearly and transparently. A complete costlist should include:

- 1688 link: The factory photo should contain the link of the product so that you can see the CNY price.
- Product Cost: Net from the CNY price of the factory page.
- Inland Freight: $1.2/pc or ignored when you buy at least 20pcs for setting up the stocks.
- Freight to Destination: Follow the rate sheet to the destination country.
- Tax & Duty: VAT (EU), GST (Commonwealth) and Sales Tax (US).
- Packing Cost: $0.5/parcel for dropshipping.
- Service Charge: 10% of the product cost and freight charges.
- Payment Extra: 3% of the total value.
- Exchange Rate: Rate from US$ to CNY will be updated every month.
- Weight: This data must be shown so that the supervisor can review the price calculation.
- Discount: 1% to 5% for VIP clients.

VIP Disount
VIP1: The service charge will be reduced to 9% when accumulated orders reach 200pcs (or US$2000)
VIP2: The service charge will be reduced to 8% when accumulated orders reach 500pcs (or US$5000);\t\t\t\t\t\t
VIP3: The service charge will be reduced to 7% when accumulated orders reach 1000pcs, (or US$10000);\t\t\t\t\t
VIP4: The service charge will be reduced to 6% when accumulated orders reach 2000pcs, (or US$20000);\t\t\t\t\t
VIP5: The service charge will be reduced to 5% when accumulated orders reach 5,000pcs, (or US$50,000).

We accept all the payment methods including Paypal, West Union, Payoneer, PingPong and wire tansfer to Alibaba.com, Wise.com and our company account. Only Paypal personal payment accepted for dropshipping. The buyers's protection requires the parcel delivered to the Paypal registered address, or the buyer can withdraw the payment in 180 days.

The 3% payment extra will be always unless you pay in CNY cash from Wechat or Alipay account inside China. Or we need to use Alibaba.com to exchange the currency and 3% is the cost from Alibaba.

Aftersales Service:
We believe all the final buyers are in good willing even they complaint or dispute, they just need the clear
fact and good communication to get a solution. We focus below to work together with our clients to get better feedback from the final buyers:
- Early Warning: Our team takes care of the parcel status every day. Once it stuck somewhere for 3 days or more, we will try to know the reason and report this to our client. The final buyers can be informed the same earlier than they found the delay. In most cases, they will be happy to wait longer.
- Priority Compensation: We will refund or resend to the customer for no reason whenever our client demands to do so, even if we should not be responsiblt to it. The cost will be split according to our refund/resend policy: We will only take the part we should cover, the rest will be on behalf of our client.
- Negotiation with the Suppliers: For any defectives or undelivered parcels, we will discuss to the factories or forwarders for compansation, on behalf of our clients. Usually Chinese suppliers will only ask for defectives return and resend to us, that impossible for its cost, and the forwarders will require the "proofs" and the "order evidence" to refund the freight. It's very hard for our clients to get anything back. We will do the negotiation for our clients to get the better results.
- Delivery Note: We will get shipping proofs for our clients from the forwarders, to help them win the disputes.

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