Японские Превосходные Уникальные высококачественные семена птиц на продажу (1700010565441)

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Products Description

This product is a food that contains the seeds and grains that small birds like in our unique ratio.Since nitrogen gas is sealed at the same time as filling the packaging material, it maintains freshness until the moment it is opened and prevents the outbreak of insects.

A natural type without peeling the shell.By peeling the bird itself, it becomes a beak exercise.

Qualis Mix seed for small birds (with seed skin)
Qualis Mix seed for small birds (with seed skin)
Qualis Mix seed for small birds (with seed skin)

Pet feed (bird / rabbit / chick / hamster)

Pet appliance (feeder / stand / cage cover)

Company Profile

We have been involved with small birds and small animals since our founding in 1932.
Our brand "Qualis" is a high quality food and goods for small birds and small animals.

"We will deliver reliable quality that can be safely given to pets that are members of an important family." That is our mission and we promise to everyone.

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