Газификация щепов и опилок для производства энергии

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   Biomass Gasification convert waste into Energy .

Gasification is a process by which solid biomass is converted by a thermo-chemical process into clean gaseous form in a solid bio residue gasifier.

the process involves subjecting the solid biomass to partial pyrolysis in sub-stoichiometric quantities of oxygen,resulting in the formation of producer gas,

which is composed of H2,CO, CH4,CO2 and N2 and has a mean calorific value of 4.7-5.6MJ. The gas is then piped to a gas engine generator, and the

electricity generated is grid synchronized for evacuation to the state electricity grid  , or ,the electricity is provided to use by private enterprise.



Product Description





 About Gasification system 


Type: downdraft fixedbed gasifier, fluidizedbed gasifier , updraft fixedbed gasifier 


Gas production rate : 300Nm3 ~20000Nm3/h. 


Power Output: 100kw ~10mw 


Application: convert waste  to fuel gas, the gas can be used to output electricity , heat , steam ,hot water, charcoal to produce activated carbon.




Below is multi-application diagram







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