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Product Description

3.0L Quart Sand-polished Whistling Kettle

High-grade stainless steel construction guards against rust

Large lid opening for convenient filling and cleaning

Loud whistle signals when water is ready

Handle rotates out of the way for filling, pouring or storing

Silicone touch points on spout and handle resist heat

Induction available

Detailed Images

Anti-hot Bakelite Handle 

Detachable Spout

Sand Polished Bottom suitable for Gas & Induction


Our Company

Zhejiang Geleimei E-commerce Co.,Ltd

Our factory is YINHAI and it has 23 years export experience. We are E-commerce Business as a branch of the factory.

The company has three self-owned brands of Anna Rossi, HONCOOK & Grammy(Geleimei).

The products fall into three major categories, including SS pot. SS kettle and aluminum pots.

Sincerely hope you will choose us as your business partner.

Packing & Delivery


Are you a factory or a trading company?
We are an manufacturing and trade company, mean industries(factory+trading). 

How can I get the sample?

We can provide you samples with 1 or 2 sets, and customer need to pay shipping cost, but we can provide cheaper options.

Will the non-stick coating come off? Are these coatings harmful to health?
The first non-stick coating is not permanent, and the coating life of a non-stick pan can vary from a few years to a decade. Its service life also needs our usual maintenance to extend him. Also avoid shaving or dry cooking, not hot pot cold washing, these are the main reasons for the short service life of non-stick cooking POTS. In addition to use within the 250 ℃, temperature control with time delay, fall off because of the wear of the star belong to the normal phenomenon, will not affect the use, there is no harm to human body.

The coating on the non-stick pan is scratched, will it affect the non-stick effect?
Minor scratches will only affect the appearance of the surface and will not affect the damage or the continued cooking of food. In order to prevent further scratches, you can avoid using sharp instruments in the cooking process.

Kindly reminder:Because the bottom of the heat, there will be a certain amount of convex in the design we control the convex angle of less than 6% of the national standard, otherwise easily lead to the situation caused by the induction heating furnace is not heated, with the specific working principle of induction cooker direct relationship

Our Service

1.It is recommended to use wooden spatula or non-stick nylon shovel and silica gel shovel.
2.Prolong the service life of the pot, make sure that the pot is not burned for a long time.
3.When cooking ingredients, avoid using the wrong size of the lid, so as to avoid the effects of thermal expansion and shrinkage.

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