600 кВт рисовая шелуха фиксированная кровать газификация электростанция малая биомасса газификатор древесные чипы газификатор для продажи

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We major in Biomass Gasification System or Power Plant, we have installed many case. if you want to visit or want to get video . 

Please contact with us .

some rice husk gasifcation power plant  are installed for rice mill, installed model are around 400kw, 300kw, 500kw , 800kw, 1mw 

1.5mw. the Biomass Gasifier is divided into downdraft fixed bed gasifier, updraft fixed bed gasifier and fluidized bed gasifier 


Techology Process


Biomass is fed into fixed bed gasifier from its top. After drying, pyrolysis, oxidation, combustible gas and biomass carbon are produced. The purification system will extract tar, vinegar and some high added value products from the gas. After gas is cooled down below 40°c and dehydrated, it is sent to internal combustion gen-sets to generate power. The electricity can be connected to state grid or used in industry field. The temperature of exhaust gas from internal combustion gen-sets is over 450°c, which can be used to supply heat to dry material. 


Available capacity of power plant:100kw to 6MW. Power generation efficiency is over 18%.     


Technology Features:



1. If raw material is rice husk, wood chips, the price of charcoal is up to RMB1,000 per ton.


2. Operate easily. Workers can operate after simple training.


3. Arrangement of equipments is flexible. Easily start and stop.






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