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Techology Process




Biomass is sent to fluidized bed gasifier continuosly by feeder. With the high temperature(700~800°c) and circulated bed material effect inside gasifer, biomass react with air pushed into furnace from the bottom of gasifier and is gasified into gas similar to coal gas. The calorific value is over1,100kcal/Nm3.


By improved purification technology, the system can effectively collect the tar and ash. The clean gas is sent to inferior fuel gas internal combustion gen-sets to produce electricity.


Available capacity of power plant:200kw to 10MW. Power generation efficiency is over 20%.     


Technology Features:



1. The system has broad adaptability of biomass. Biomass whose diameter is below 4cm can all be gasified.


2. Gasification efficiency is high(≥85%), high level of automatic control.


3. Capacity of single gasifier can be over 7MW.








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