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Wake Up Driver Fatigue Alarm 3 in 1 Multi-function Sleepy Alert


Driver Fatigue Alarm works by detecting when the user's head nods while driving which indicates that they maybe feeling drowsy.It is 3 in 1 type and rechargeable .




About  Driver Fatigue Alarm ( LGI-III):


Driver Fatigue Alarm ( LGI-III) is thelatest nap zapper which udpated from LGI-II , 
It is a life saver device designed to keep you awake during momentarylapses caused by sleepiness and tiredness , 
it works by detecting when theuser's head nods while driving which indicates that they may be feeling drowsy . 
It alerts with a strong vibration ora beep alarm , both the vibration and beep alarms are built into the device , the driver can free to select their preference .  



Driver Fatigue Alarm Features: 
Alarm 3 in 1 inside : beep , vibration , beep and vibration Be rechargeable , 
last more than 50 hours use after recharge full Without mercury inside , 
health ,environmentalistCar charger , Ac charger , USB wire , manual are inside the pack together 
Hold the button for 3 seconds to turn on the Driver Fatigue Alarm . 
Switch the alarm to the mode which you need . ( 3 kinds of alarm ,optional ) 
Movehead to upright position . Placecorrectly behind your right ear . 
Start nodding not more than 15-20degrees until it works. 
Remove device and turn it off when not in use . 
If you stop using it momently , youcan switch it to the sleep mode . 
Keep away from high temperature & direct sunlight . 

Driver Fatigue Alarm Use In Area :

It is essential for allmotorists including taxi , truck , bus and train drivers . 

It is also perfectfor people who need to be on full alert while on duty such as security guards ,machine operators , and even students . 
Angle of the protection:15°~20° 
Product size:78*65*18mm 

Driver Fatigue Alarm Package Content: 
Driver Alarm*1 
USB Cable*1 
User manual*1  



Driver Fatigue Alarm Photo Details:

LGI-III Canada126 Pack Label printJapan LGI-IIIGermany Pack




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