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Powermax biomass carbonization gasification equipment adopts the technology of downdraft fixed bed gasifier to convert biomass into syngas to generate power and produce by-product, biochar with high quality. For different feedstock (rice husk, wood chips, fruit shells,etc.), our company will provide different types of carbonizer. This carbonization system is connected with low-heat generators to generate electricity. Meanwhile, the biochar has high economic value. Compared with other fludized bed gasifier and twin-fire fixed bed gasifier, carbon content of biochar is higher and the syngas produced after purification can be used to generate electricity. This series of equipment is environment friendly due to low tar content.


This technology uses thermochemistry conversion method. With Powermax independent R&D technology, biomass (rice husk, straw, cotton stalk, com straw, wood ships, bamboo and other agriculture and forestry waste)can be converted into various kinds of products like syn-gas, electric energy, biomass charcoal, heat energy (steam, hot water), carbon basal fertilizer, foliage fertilizer. Moreover, the biomass can be turned into wealth and can be made full use of.

The basic principle of Powermax biomass gasification power generation system(BGPS)is to convert the agriculture and forestry products and wood processing remains such as rice husk, sawdust, branches, forestry waste, straw, rice straw, wheat straw, shell, corn stalk, millet rod, cotton stem, bagasse, coconut shell, corn cob, corn cob waste into gas, and use the combustible gas to drive gas generating equipment for electricity. It can not only solve the problems that biomass is difficult for combustion and collection, but also take full advantage of the equipment’s compact-design and environmental-friendly features. Therefore, it is one of the most eco-friendly way for biomass.

The process of Powermax biomass gasification power generation includes three steps. The first step is biomass gasification. Solid biomass is converted into combustible gas. The remaining product after fixed biomass gasification is biochar, which can be made into high-value carbon ink, barbecue charcoal, active carbon, etc. The second step is gas purification.The gas has impurities through gasification, including ash, charcoal, tar, which should be removed with purification system in order to ensure the operation of gas power generator. The byproduct after gas purification is biomass vinegar, which can be made into foliar fertilizer, deodorant, etc, after concentration. The third step is gas power generation, which use gas engines(spark plug ignition type) for electricity generation, and the high temperature flue gas produced by the gas engine can heat boiler to get steam or hot water for residential or industrial use.

The Powermax biomass gasification power generation system adopts modular design, which can be normally applied to power stations of 50-20000kw. There are four models of Powermax biomass gasification power generation systems:circulating fluidized bed gasification system(CFBG), updraft fixed bed gasification system(UFBG), downdraft fixed bed gasification system(DFBG)and twin-fire foxed bed gasification system (TFBG). Each single set ranges from 50kw-3000kw. Powermax biomass gasification power generator sets use 500-1000rpm medium gas engine and efficient Siemens generators, and their specifications vary from 50kw to 1200kw. Powermax system is suitable for every kind of biomass.


For small raw material:

Rated Power(KW)501002003004005006008001000
Rated Frequency50/60HZ
Rated Voltage(V)220/400/440/6300/6600/11000/13800
Model of CarbonizerBCS50BCS100BCS200BCS300BCS400BCS500BCS600BCS800BCS1000
Carbonizer TypeBiomass Carbonization System

Biomass Moisture


Biomass Size Requirementless than 10mm

Biomass Consumption


Gas Production(Nm³/h)125-150250-300500-600750-9001000-12001250-15001500-18002000-24002500-3000
Biochar Output(Kg/Hr)20-3040-6080-120120-180160-240200-300240-360320-480400-600
Ash Discharge TypeDry Ash Type
Type of Gas PurificationDry Type Gas Purification System
Heat Value of Gas≥1200Kcal/Nm³
Gas CompositionCO 15-20%    CO2 8-12%    CH4 Up to 4%    H2 10-15%    N2 45-55%
Model of Genset50GFLS100GFLS100GFLS300GFLS400GFLS500GFLS300GFLS400GFLS1000GFLS
Qty of Genset1 Set1 Set2 Set1 Set1 Set1 Set2 Set2 Set1 Set


For large raw material:





1) It is a short period for systematic supply and power plant construction. It takes 4-6 months from contract signing to power plant operation.

2) The total investment of power plant is low.

3) The system is typical of flexibility and simplicity. It can open and dose at any time because Powermax Biomass gasification power generation system is composed of biomass gasifier and gas internal combustion engine(spark plug ignition), which needs low requirement for operators and low cost for operation and maintenance.

4) The system has better cleanliness. The emission of harmful gas such as CO2, SO2 can be decreased validly because the biomass belongs to renewable energy. What's more, the temperature of gasification process is lower(about at 700-900℃)and the accumulation of NOX is few so that the emission of NOX can be controlled efficiently.

5) The system has higher economical efficiency. The flexibility of biomass gasification power generation system can ensure a higher economical efficiency of technology in small scale. At the same time, the simple process of gas power generation and compact equipment ensure that the investment of biomass gasification power generation technology is lower than other renewable energy power generation technology. In conclusion, biomass gasification power generation technology is cost-optimal power among all renewable energy technology.

6) Contrast with solar power generation, wind power generation and hydraulic power generation, the power generation time of biomass power generation system can reach 7200-8000h per year, which can get a faster return on investment.

7) The high utilization efficiency and economic benefit of bio-production: the gaseous production(flammable gas)is used for power generation, air supply and instead of coal. The hot water produced in gasification process can be used for bath and other uses, and the liquid product(wheat straw vinegar) can be made into leaf fertilizer, deodorant and so on. The solidoid (biochar)can be made into carbon basal fertilizer, active carbon, barbecue charcoal and so on.



Welcome to Powermaxgasifiers.com!

Powermax is a green and clean energy company. Powermax has a long experience in producing and supplying environmentally friendly and high performing gasification systems and gas generator sets. We are specialized in biomass, coal and waste gasification to energy systems and have a company history of30 years. Powermax have since the start of 1986 been specialized in biomass gasification power plants.Our. gasification energy systems can convert various types of biomass, waste or coal into: electricity,process steam, drying, industrial heating, district heating and etc. Powermax has its own Development,Design, Construction and Project Management Departments.. We have our own in-house gasifiers, gas purification systems and gas generator sets production facilities in China. All our gasification designs benefit from more than 100 reference installations worldwide.



1. What feed stocks in general are suitable for the Powermax process?



2. Why do we need biomass gasification now?

Gasification is a clean, affordable and environmentally sound renewable form of energy that provides a solution to forest and agricultural management residue issues we have right now. Another challenge is energy security. Governments want to use their own resources to produce energy and provide energy independence.   We need to displace some of the energy we are literally shipping in from other parts of the world, and, probably more importantly, wean ourselves from dependence on foreign energy suppliers.


3. What are the key by-products of the Powermax process and uses?



4. What are the major components of Producer Gas?

The gas composition varies with different types of biomass feedstock materials, different water moisture content, different gasifier loading, etc. As a general estimation, the Producer Gas composition are as follows :

  N2:  50-60%

  CO2:  10-20%

  CO:  10-18%

  H2:  3-9%

  CH4:  2-6%

  CnHm:  0.5-3%

  H2O, others:  0.5-3%


5. What are the economic benefits of a Powermax project for me ?

Powermax gasification plants tackle two major local problems: elimination of local waste and cost of energy. By converting local feedstock into energy you lower your costs and you create new revenues (i.e. selling electricity on the grid). Energy produced through Powermax gasification is renewable and is supported by your local renewable energy support policies.This model of circular economy is also an opportunity to increase your energy independence and it creates local employment.



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