Черный толщина 0 8 мм круглые резиновые точки bumpon 3M предназначенные для использования в качестве ножек стопов и (60332762799)

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black round bumpon 3M adhesive rubber dots



model numbercolorthicknesssize(width*length)


We usually sell the 3M rubber tape by rolls:



SJ5816-1.jpg   SJ5816-12.jpg



we can offer professional die cutting the rubber feet according to customer’s drawing or request.


 SJ5832(8).jpgSJ5832.jpg      2.jpg





3M™ Bumpon™ Resilient Rollstock is a self-adhesive rubber bumper designed to be used as feet, stops and spacers. The rollstock format is excellent for die-cut shapes with various thickness requirements , 4.5 in wide x 36 yd long.

These pressure sensitive 3M adhesive pads, feet, buttons, strips, bumper, sheets, & spacers bond fast & permanently to most clean surfaces. Resilient elastomer cushions & damps noise indefinitely.
Resilient elastomer cushions and damps noise indefinitely. High coefficient of friction resists skidding on most surfaces.


For 3m bumpon adhesive rubber pad, we mainly supply SJ5302A, SJ5303, SJ5003, SJ5012, 3M Bumpon Resilient Rollstock SJ5808(thick 3.2MM), 5816(thick 1.6MM), 5832(thick 0.8MM) and so on.


As our hot sell product, SJ5302A also have a competitive price. Welcome to inquiry, we will offer all information you need. 



Our company provide 3M products as follows:
3M Double side tape(we can die cut the tape as per customers request)


1. 3M VHB tape: 4905,4910,4914,4920,4926,4930,4936,4941,4945,4956,5915,5925,5952 and so on.
2. 3M PE/PU foam tape: 1600T, 1600TG, 4008,4026,4032; 
3. 3M Automotive tape: 4229P, 4218P, GT7108, GT7110, GT7112;

4. 3M film tape: 9495LE,9495MP,467MP,468MP,9471,9472,9472LE...

5. 3M tissue tape: 9075,9080A,9080HL,9448A,9448AB,9448HK,9448HKB...

5. Soctch tape: 600,810,610 and so on.
6. 3M Vinyl tape/warning tape: 471

3M Bumpon rubber feet


SJ5302 SJ5303 SJ5003 SJ5012 SJ5312 SJ5023 SJ5808 SJ5816 SJ5832
3M Dual Lock tape
SJ3526N SJ3527N SJ3571 SJ3572 SJ3540 SJ3541 SJ3542 SJ3550 SJ3551 SJ3552 SJ4570 SJ3560



Welcome to inquiry, we will reply to you as soon as possible.



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