High Performance 66ah Mf AGM Start Stop Car Battery BCI 48High (60375663435)

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High Performance 66ah Mf AGM Start-Stop Car Battery BCI-48
High performance MF AGM start-stop car battery Din 66
DIN66 AGM start-stop battery for vehicle 
Factory outlet start- stop battery 66ah


Koyama® Start-Stop AGM auto battery

Koyama®  auto starting car Battery is   Start-Stop systems automatically shut down and restart the engine to reduce the amount of time it's idling, therefore cutting down on fuel consumption and emissions. The majority of manufacturers' choose to fit KOYAMA® batteries in their Start-Stop vehicles rolling off the production line.

When a vehicle comes to a stop at a red light, for example, and is put into neutral, the system switches off the engine, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Start-Stop batteries must have sufficient energy to restart the engine. When the driver presses down on the clutch pedal ready to pull away, or releases the brake pedal in an automatic vehicle, the engine automatically restarts. Having a reliable battery to create and store energy is crucial for Start-Stop vehicles.



DIN 66 / BCI 48 start-stop battery for auto/car/vehicle/automobile

Nominal Voltage: 12V
Nominal capacity: 66Ah
CCA-18 Celsius degree: 510A
Reserved Capacity: 120 minutes
Dimension: 278X175X190X190mm
Layout: 0
Terminal: A
Approx.: 15.7kgs

EN & DIN NumberCapacity R.C.CCA           Dimensions (mm) Layout Termi.Weight 
BCI 48 (AGM-SSL3)661205102781751901900A15.7



KOYAMABCIVoltageC20RCCCAMaximum Overall DimensionsTerminalApprox
TYPENumber(V)(AH)(min)@0ºF/-18ºCmm (inches)TypeWeight
     (A)LWHTH Kg(lbs)
AGM-SSL2471255100450242(9.5)175(7)190(7.5)190(7.5)A14 (41.4)
AGM-SSL3481266120510278(11)175(7)190(7.5)190(7.5)A15.7 (34.5)
AGM-SSL5491288160680353(14)175(7)190(7.5)190(7.5)A20.3 (44.6)




Standard: IEC/JIS/BCI Standard

ISO9001: 2000, ISO14001, CE, UL, etc

2.Technology Focus

In response to Co2 reduction targets set by EU that require engine to be shut off instead of
idling while the vehicle is stooped , nearly all vehicle manufactures launch start-stop platforms in
Europe automotive battery.


Battery is required to start engine more frequently and provide energy for device support while
"stop" mode battery is integrated within a sophisticated energy and battery management system

4.Battery Technology

Advance AGM technology for : super high power and cold cranking ampere; very good charging
acceptance performance; much longer cycle life compared to normal flooded car batteries.

Typical Applications

2. Stereo Systems 
3.Boats& RVS
4.Hydraulic Lifts
6.On-board Electronics

5.Quality Warranty:
The quality guarantee is 13 months/ 24months from our manufacture date or B/L date. We will replace any defective battery by new one at our cost if there is any.


8.Prodcution Facilities




1.all service availble at working days from Monday to Satuardy


2. OEM or ODM accepted




About US


We are big battery factory from Guangdong, China,with battery production license .the total square is about 60000m2 .we produce battery from plate to battery completely,with more than 50 production lines and more than 400 employee.our products are battery plate , automotive battery , motorcycle battery and valve regulated lead acid battery (sla battery )


Certified by ISO9001-2008,ISO14001 ,OHSMS18001,CE ,ROSH ,UL 


All batteries are excellent quality, well recognizing worldwide and with reasonable Prices. Any inquiries or query would be replied at the earliest date.




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