Пластиковая регулируемая водоохлаждающая труба JFLO, шланги для охлаждающей жидкости, 1/8 дюйма, 1/4 дюйма, 3/8 дюйма, 1/2 дюйма

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1. How to select the size of the products?
For the cable drag chain, please inform us the Hi(inner height)*Bi(inner width) and bending radius, and also length is required. Also if possible, please inform us the objects(machines) you are used for, so that we will suggest the most suitable for you.

2. What is the main material of the products?
Our cable drag chain is made by PA66,coolant hose is made by POM( Dupont), and for bellows cover can be made by many different material functionally.

3. How long is your delivery?
Our mainly products are on stock, we can provide 3-7days fast delivery.

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