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PI description

PI properties:

Polyimide is a kind of Heteroaromatic polymers,whose Molecular structure containing polyimide-based monomeric unit.It is a super-performancde  Engineering Plastic (250 degree heat can be a long-term job),and has an excellent mechnical and thermal dimensional stability,dielectric properties, wear-resistant,weather resistance,permeability wave,self-lubricating properties,and non-toxic,flame retardant,high temperature sterilization available.


The typical profermance of PI for each grade:


      product typeJ33AGJ33AGLWJ43AGM1
30% carbon fiber

30% carbon fiber and

Antifriction lubricant

 30% glass fiber pure resin
 Item Test standard unit    test value
 Apprearance − − black black yellow dark brown
 Density GB1033-1970 g/cm³ 1.44 1.53 1.6 1.35
 Bibulous rate (25°C,24Hrs) GB1034-1970 % 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.2

 Molding shrinkage


  % 0.3 0.6 0.5 0.8

 Melt index

(360°C 2.16Kg)

 GB3682-1983 g/10min 1.0 2.0 1.0 −

 tensile strength


 GB/T1040-1992 MPa 200 100 130 95
 Elongation(20°C) GB/T1040-1992 % 4 8 5 7

Bending strength


 GB1042-1979 MPa 220 160 200 150
compression strength(20°C) GB/T1041-1992 MPa 200 130 180 120

Charpy impact 

strength (no notch)

 GB/T16420-1996 KJ/m² 20 15 20 25

 Dielectric constant


 GB1409-1978 − − − 3.4 3.2
 Volume resistivity GB1410-1978 Ω-cm − − 1016 1016
 Friction coefficient GB3960-1983 − 0.25 0.05-0.08 0.27 −

Item: Polyimide parts.

Material: PI virgin, PI  with carbon or fiber reinforced

Color:  white, black, natural, beige

Size:  according to custom's requirement, drawing will be highly appreciated.

Weight:  from 0.01gram to 10kgs

Tolerence: +/-0.04-0.1mm, according to requriement

Processing:  precision CNC machine or injection molding.



Working temperature: 300 centigrade, short-time working temperature reach up to 400 degree

Flame retardant: V-0

Excellent thermal properties: high and low temperature resisting

Very good mechanical properties

High-radiation resistant

Outstanding electrical properties


Industry Application:

1.Aerospace parts

2.Sealing part for compressor/motor/valve

3.Electrical components

4.Medical instrument parts

5.Oil intrutry

6.Automatic intrutry



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