Вращающаяся лопасть газовой турбины и направляющая лопасть, запасные части газовой турбины

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 I. Industry Chain Service of Gas Turbine Unit



Using the company's influence in the industry of aviation, energy, relying on good relationship with GE, Siemens, we can independently supply the whole industry chain services, such as complete gas turbine sets, turbine engineering construction take over, power plant operation maintenance, unit maintenance and supply GE spare parts.



Successively in the domestic and foreign completed the American GE company, general - Hui and Sora company, Alstom, Siemens, Hitachi, Kawasaki company, United Kingdom Romania - Romanian companies, and domestic unit installation, commissioning and maintenance work, such as LM2500, LM5000,LM6000,MS1002D,MS5001,MS6001,MS9001E,PGT5,PGT10,GT13D,GT13E2,FT8Twin,SD15HE,TAURUS60,MARS100,TITAN130,TYPHOON,SK15HE,WP6,QD70,QD128,QD100,R0110,M251S,H25, CENTAUR40,TORNADO, W101,KG5,251B11,V94.2,251S,TB5000, etc. More than 700 times of gas turbine generating unit installation and maintenance engineering, related to more than 100 owners.



                                                                        Main Service

A.Spare Parts


Many types of rotating blades, guide vane, turbine flame tube, transition piece, turbine stator blade, ring, fastener, bearing liner repair and manufacturing.


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B.Installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of power plant



Gas turbine power station installation, commissioning, maintenance and after-sales service work mainly by the company technical staff, can be independently completed a variety of models of gas turbine overhaul and minor repairs.



Gas turbine overhaul: gas turbine intake and exhaust inspection; intake adjustable guide vane (IGV) examination; compressor and static blade inspection; turbine rotating blades and stator

blades inspection; rotor check; front bearings and after bearings inspection; gas turbine cylinder inspection; combustion chamber and the inner cylinder inspection; clutch inspection; shafting alignment; gas turbine commissioning period of dynamic balance.




 Regular inspection of auxiliary system: turning gear inspection; main, auxiliary and emergency lube oil pump inspection; jacking oil pump inspection; exhaust fan check; tank and oil filter check and clean; lubricating oil pipe and gas pipe inspection.



Generator overhaul: extract and check out generator rotor; inspection for front and after part of generator bearings; generator stator check; generator electrical preventive test; generator transformer group protection equipment inspection and verification; generator transformer group control signal loop check and transmission test and so on.




II. Pictures of Gas Turbine Project



Gas Turbine Unit Supply



Gas Turbine Installation




Gas Turbine Maintaince and Repair









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