Многофункциональная Массажная машина для лица 15 в 1Многофункциональная (60451521629)

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15 in 1 multifunction facial massage machine CE Approved:


Item No:B-8618-33


Multifunctional beauty system, Multi-function beauty machine, Facial steamer with ozone, Vacuum,

Spray tonics, High frequency, Galvanic & Skin lifting, Rotary brush, Wood lamp, Magnifying lamp,

Ultrasonic, Cold & hot hammer, Diamond microdermabrasion, Stimulate lymph/ Fat suction,Speckle remover, Ultrasonic scrubber,Breast care, nipple care& cupping


Certification: CE, ROHS Approved


I. Function:


Facial steamer with ozone

Open up the skin pore, soften the grease, black head, make-up remnants and dirt for deep cleaning inside

Activate the blood circulation, improve metabolism, moisten and renew the skin

Ozone will effectively kill the skin bacteria, keep the skin health

White oblong spray head

Ozone feature to sterilize skin surface

Accelerates metabolism

Promotes blood circulations

Auto shut off function gives safety



The suction is helpful in cleansing of the skin. It acts much like a miniature cleaner to suction cut the deeply embedded dirt, grease and other impurities. The suction also gives a deep penetrating massage and draws blood to the surface of the skin.

Refine the striper pore, acne, pustule, clean the dirt and lipids inside the pore.


Spray tonics

The spray has many features when used in facial treatment .It helps achieve thorough cleansing of the skins surface. Also cool soothing and has a pleasant fragrance. The bombardment of spray is used to flush out the pores, especially after suction and squeezing of blackheads and pimples.


High frequency

1. Helps to calm the nerve and analgesia function.

2. Produce the ozone for sterilization, help wound to heal and restrain pores.

3. Improve secretion, the PH value, causes the skin lean to neutrality.

4. Accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism.

5. Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, tighten skin.


Galvanic & Skin lifting

It is effective for revitalization for the skin, as it helps the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin .The penetration is much deeper than by manual applications. It is also to clear skin congestion and reduce surface oiliness, improve blood circulation and the normal functions of the skin. There is direct absorption of the products. It increases the efficiency of the treatment. First the skin prepared, according to skin type or individual problem, with cleansing and ozone. The specialized formulation is then applied, for the galvanic treatment. Since it clears congestion, It can benefit oily skin by removing sebaceous blockages. For dry skin and normal skins, hydrating and nourishing substances are applied.

Skin lifting uses positive and negative electrical current to improve blood circulations, skin elasticity in order to tighten skin texture and distance between skin cells. Visible dramatic result is revealed.


Rotary brush

1) Deep clear and clean up aged horniness.

2) Reduce melanin to get a white skin.

3) In-depth eliminates the wrinkle, strengthens the skin elasticity.

4) Improve blood circulation and lymph metabolism.

5) Strengthen the skin cell reproductive property and the permeability.


Wood lamp

Inspects & diagnoses skin correctly in order to perform effective skincare treatments will not harm eyes.

Comes with a plastic protection cover.

The wood`s lamp is used by the esthetician to help analyze skin conditions.

Analyze the surface and deeper layers of skin in a totally dark room.

The violet rays enable the esthetician to various skin conditions.


Magnifying lamp

Equipped with cold lamp to maximize the perspective efficacy. It is a must for the beauticians to check the tiny wrinkles for the client in the beauty salon.

Each lamp comes with clamp.



Helps deep penetrating

Accelerates metabolism

Stimulates blood & lymph circulations

Eliminates blemishes & bagginess

Reduces cellulites, fine line & wrinkles

Relaxes tired muscles

It has 2 Probes, the big one is for face, the small one is for eyes.


Cold & hot hammer

Cool Treatment:

It is very gentle make the sensitive skin a ice cool feeling, remove the red spots .calm and release the pain, massage the face muscles according to grain on the face (move slowly in straight line or circle)

Hot Treatment:

It makes a warm feeling, helps the absorption of products. Accelerate facial blood circulation and get rid of the unnecessary fats. Massage the face muscle according to grains on the face, different skin with different setting time


Diamond microdermabrasion

1) Rejuvenation of sun damaged skin - face, neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs

2) Reduction of age spots.

3) Minimization of blotchy skin coloring.

4) Reduction of acne and superficial scars from past injury.

5) Extraction of blackheads and whiteheads.

6) Reduction of oily Skin.

7) Improvement of overall skin health.


Stimulate lymph/ Fat suction

With vacuum massage functions, this instrument can be used as a strong deep tissue massage apparatus. Suction draws tissue up between rollers to lift, fold or roll the skin and subcutaneous tissue, relocates fatty tissue, tighten skin and subcutaneous tissue so as to reduce weight, cellulite and orange peel .thus achieving body shaping purpose.


Speckle remover

1. Soften thrombus, remove erythema

2. Remove the scars after the acne is treated

3. Remove the abnormal skin color

4. Decompose abnormal pigment and remove flecks under skin

5. Prevent, remove facial wrinkles and extravasated blood

6. Remove eye-sack and black eye-rim

7. Soften nodule and cure acne

8. Cure the sclerosis and the parchment

9. Regularly massage the facial skin and improve its quality


Ultrasonic scrubber

Deep clean

Scrub any impurities away from pores

Will not dry out skin

Accelerates and enhances capacity of skin absorption

Breast care/nipple care/ cupping

1.  Breast enhancement, augmentation, firming up, lifting.

2.  Breast Shape correcting, Nipple sag improvement.

3.  Skin tightening, lifting, firming up

4.  Face / Body contouring and reshaping, slimming

5.  Improving elasticity and tone of skin

6.  Improving orange-peel like tissue on the legs, arms, thighs

7.  Blood and lymph circulation improvement

8.  Health care massage, cupping, scraping therapy


II. Parameters:




Facial steamer

Spray distance:50-80cm


Pressure: 60-70 cmHg

High frequency

Pulse Frequency : 100Hkz -350Khz

Output voltage: -6000V-- -9000V  Adjustable


Output voltage: 1V-30V   Adjustable

Output current: 0V-6.5mA    Adjustable

Wood lamp


The lens: 3 D or 5 D

Lamp wavelength : 365nm

Magnifying lamp

The lens: 3 D or 5 D

With Philips lamp


Frequency: 1.05Mhz

Cold & hot hammer

Hot : 42 Celsius degree / Cold:1-2 Celsius degree

Diamond microdermabrasion & Fat suction & Breast enhancement

Vacuum Pressure: 60-70 cmHg

Ultrasonic scrubber

Vibrating : 270,000 times per second


III. Accessories:





Glass Tubes: 3 pcs,


Spray Bottle: 1 pcs

High frequency

Glass Electrodes: 3 pcs.

Electrode Handle: 1 pcs

Galvanic & Skin lifting

Neg. Electrode: 1pcs

Pos. Electrode(Bead): 1pcs

Pos. Electrode (Cylinder): 1pcs

Lifting Electrodes: 2pcs

Rotary brush

Brush holder: 1pcs

Brushes: 5pcs

Wood lamp

1pcs (with 4 UV lamp)


Ultrasonic probes: 2 pcs:

Cold & hot hammer

Hammer: 1pcs

Diamond microdermabrasion

9 tips+ 3 wands

Fat suction

Metabolic suction head (Aluminum): 3pcs

Spot removal

Freckle pen: 1pcs

Whitening needles: large 1pcs, small 3pcs

Ultrasonic scrubber

Skin scrubber: 1pcs (with cover)

Breast care/nipple care/ cupping

Breast Massage Cups: 6pcs

Cupping Glass: 6pcs

Nipple Care Glass: 6pcs


IV. Packaging Standard:


 Item No.





Gross Weight


100V-120V, 220V-240V.


850 Watt

105*53*52 CM

41 KGS



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