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Product Introduction

Hydrogen and oxygen generator

Hydrogen and oxygen generator  is  an electrochemical device generated by water  .Oxyhydrogen generator generally includes: power supply, electrolytic cell system, separation system, cooling system, control system, safety and prevent tempering system as well as the use of the hydrogen and oxygen generator accessories (such as gun fire, flame arrester, and flame atmosphere control device), etc.

Operation Guidance


1.1 open the user on the wall of the power supply switch power;

1.2 open the power switch, start the oxyhydrogen generator;

1.3 the power indicator light (Work) should be bright, other indicator should not be on, the fan starts, magnetic pump Work.

If other lights, warning or abnormal.Corresponding processing system according to the different situation.

A. Water indicator (Add Water on (at the same time accompanied by a buzzer alarm), open the machine at the top of the Water cover, from the filler Add Water to tank, until the Water indicator extinguished or deputy tank filled with.If it is through the outer water automatic filling water, then the system will automatically open the electromagnetic valve from external water filling water to vice tanks, until to the specified location, make sure the outer water water and has a certain pressure.

B. indicator (Lack Water on Water shortage, shows the main Water tank Water.Wait for the system automatically from vice filling water to the main water tank (about 0.5 minutes).

C. overtemperature indicator (Over Temperature) : last time machine, electrolyzer overtemperature protection, there is no cooling down, continue to wait for, until the fault light is put out.

D. Over voltage indicator (Over Pressure) : shows the last shutdown, no more than put off gas, should open the valve gas equipment, at this time put off part of the residual air, or in the next steps (set electrolytic current), on the host panel does not display the set of current, but the no-load current.

E. Pump running indicator (Pump running) : said machine is filling water to the radiator or prevent tempering tank, belongs to the normal.Indicator of the pump operation time should be no more than 3 minutes, such as more than 3 minutes, is abnormal, the possible reason is deputy tank water shortage, lead to high pressure diaphragm pumps, vice water tank in the water, unable to complete filling water requirement, so the pump has been running, trying to draw the water tank of water.

Set up the gas production

In open the power switch, the oxyhydrogen generator self-checking (about 10 seconds) finished, you can set the gas production.Method is as follows: adjusting knob clockwise rotate slowly current, instrument indicates the change of gas production value, according to the gas use situation, set up appropriate gas production (such as using the last set, you can not adjust).

Machines in normal use process, gas pressure gauge instructions should be higher than 0.03 Mpa below 0.03 Mpa.

The ignition

Slowly open the gas valve of the gas equipment, with the hand back the trial of the outlet gas equipment, has obvious ignition gas pressure output.

The ignition can be adopted lighters ignition or ignition ignition.Ignition (recommended igniter igniter in selling hotel have to buy kitchen utensils and appliances, is used in the hotel kitchen fierce fire).In the ignition, any part of the body are not located in gas blower, within the scope of the cover in case of high temperature hydrogen and oxygen flame burns.Should from the side of the gas blower ignition.

Remove from heat

A long time need not when, should be shut down.

Turn it off

1) ensure gas equipment already shut down, if not shut down, should be shut down.

2) shut down the machine power switch.

3) close the user power supply switch on the wall.

4) open the gas valve of the gas equipment, emptying oxyhydrogen generator within the residual air and then close the valve of gas gas equipment.

Product Details Show

Operation notes:

1, this machine is external power for the three phase four wire 380 v, don't pick up the zero line will make the machine doesn't work, lack of phase operation might damage the machine.

2, use clean water, use for a long time not filtered tap water may clog pipes, it is recommended to use pure water can prolong the service life of the machine.

3, working environment temperature 40 ℃, well ventilated, working in a closed environment is prohibited.

4, this machine requirements grid has a good lightning protection effect, otherwise should be turned off when a lightning strike to cut off the power supply.

5, are strictly forbidden in the machine wash with water, can only use clean dishcloth or compressed air to clean dust inside the machine.

6, when switched on, beside the machine may be smoking within the 5 m or other source.Such as port or other machine parts only after gas fire immediately turn off the power supply can be (when the machine will automatically put out) after a residual gas burning inside.

7, the machine working medium has a low concentration of potassium hydroxide (KOH) solution, accidentally splashed into the body, use acid wash immediately, so the application of water sensitive parts such as the eye is immediately after treatment.Therefore, the user should be ready in a few bottles of vinegar, a precaution.

8, prohibited to use IGBT inverter power supply overload, onboard power supply has been adjusted when delivery from factory to allow maximum current, the user can't change its maximum value.

9, banned the voltage is too high, the power converter can directly damage the airborne high IGBT inverter dc power source (usually under 380 v + 10% for normal use), such as the voltage is higher, can be an external voltage regulator voltage to 380 v + / - 10%.

10, power source such as overload use after a period of time, the machine can automatic protection, the current adjusting knob will be immediately transferred to the minimum, after waiting for fan cooling power inside can work normally, but again, when using gas production not transferred to the previously, avoid overload again.

11. Machine, vice water tank water level is low, add water indicator of the buzzer rang continuously at the same time, suggest to add pure water (not the electrolyte), vice water tank, at this time should immediately to complement to the deputy tank water to add water lights went out.


1, in general, every six months after use will put out a new liquid electrolyte in the machine.No change as normal (gas production) maintenance once a year.See chapter 14 for cleaning liquid in operation.

2, regularly check the machine for loose tube joint or air leakage phenomenon.

Methods: just shut off gas equipment of gas valves or direct block after the rear panel of the outlet pressure gauge pointer to overpressure value, generally for (0.19 Mpa), I will falling in five minutes.If can, machine of leak;If not, the machine usage is normal, have to be retightened seal leakage phenomenon.

3, often with dry compressed air clean power and the whole machine.

4, regularly check the machine inside the solenoid switch condition, namely the water indicator when the water if there is a normal magnetic suction solenoid valve .

Product Parameters
mini order quantity
electroyutic cell temperature(℃)
380  10%
 itensify of pressure( Mpa)
stainless sulfur nickel molybdenum alloy 
raw material
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